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There are more than enough attractions of Oregon to please any traveling soul. The Northwest Pacific Ocean state is packed with glorious landscapes of rugged coasts, scenic mountains, rocky canyons, meandering rivers, extensive wetlands and sprawling forests. And as well as the scenic reasons to visit Oregon, there’s a historical past to enjoy, and an interesting artisan food and drink scene. Pull up a pew and let’s explore some of the attractions of Oregon together.

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Washington Park in Portland

Washington Park in Portland Visitors will easily need more than a day to explore the various diversions and sights in this extensive public park. Located in Portland, this urban offering encompasses more than 410 acres and is home to more than 15 miles of hiking trails, the Oregon Zoo, an amphitheater, archery range, tennis courts, several museums, the international rose test garden, the Oregon Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial and a great variety of statues and fountains. Perfect for families or anyone young at heart, this is one of the best places to visit in Oregon.


Historic Columbia River Highway

Historic Columbia River Highway Spanning 350 miles, this majestic roadway is one of the main attractions of Oregon. Initially completed in 1922, it was the first planned scenic highway in the United States. It has been added on to a few times since then, and has been designated a National Historic Landmark. Visitors can drive, hike and bike along various portions and enjoy numerous scenic viewpoints. There are also stunning waterfalls with trails leading up to and around them, and the Columbia River Gorge to visit.


National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center This 23,000 square foot interpretive center highlights the history, hardships and triumphs of the people who blazed the Oregon Trail. The center presents more than 4 miles of interpretive trails that visitors can hike and explore, as well as living history demonstrations, multi-media presentations and exhibits. Through these, visitors learn about topics like the country's natural history and Native Americans. Get there by travelling about 6 miles northeast from Baker city, Oregon.


Columbia River Maritime Museum

Columbia River Maritime Museum Located about 10 miles from the mouth of the Columbia River, this maritime museum is nationally recognized for the scope of its collection and quality of its exhibits. Indoor and outdoor offerings cover topics relevant to the past and present Northwestern maritime experience like early European explorations, lighthouses, the fishing industry and the Columbia River itself. Find it in the city of Astoria.


Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park This beautiful, clear blue lake is cradled in a volcanic caldera in southern Oregon. Plummeting to a maximum depth of 1, 943 feet, it is the deepest lake in the United States and the 2nd deepest lake in North America, easily qualifying it as one of the best natural attractions of Oregon. There are numerous ways to enjoy the park. Start with a scenic drive around the caldera rim, explore numerous hiking trails and take a boat tour. Relax with some free for all fishing – in the park, there are no licenses required and no restrictions on size, species or number of fish you take!


Astoria Column

Astoria Column This 125 foot tall column was built in 1926 and is found in a 30 acre city park. Visitors can choose to climb an interior spiral stair case and take in breathtaking views from an observation platform at the top. The concrete and steel structure is on the National Register of Historic Places, and sports murals depicting historical events like the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the arrival of the railroad. It is located in the city of Astoria and overlooks the Columbia River.


Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Oregon Shakespeare Festival From February through October of each year, this regional repertory theater in Ashland produces 11 plays. The festival dates back to a first performance in 1893 and is housed in a 4 acre campus across from Lithia Park. Approximately half of these were written by William Shakespeare, while the rest are more contemporary. The town offers numerous venues for taking in the arts, as well as tours, classes, workshops and lectures for Bard aficionados.

How do you feel about Oregon now? Are there sufficient reasons to visit Oregon do you think? I’d love to hear from people who’ve been or who live there. What are some other great attractions of Oregon I haven’t mentioned?

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Oregon is awesome, I'm a native too. From where I live I can either go to the beach for the day or head up the mountain for a little skiing & snowboarding. Doesn't get better than Oregon...

There's an area in eastern Oregon where the gravitational pull is " off" and water runs up and there are a lot of hands on things you can expirience!

The Pendleton Roundup in eastern Oregon. Has something for everyone!

Love it! I've lived in Oregon my whole life and have yet to visit some of these spots! My favorite places are the Gorge, coast lines and crater lake.

Love this!An Oregon native here:)

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