10 Top Busiest Airports in the World ...

It's amazing how much air travel has developed over the decades. If you've ever wondered which airports are the busiest in the world, guest contributor Jennifer Gilligan can be your guide!

Traveling by air is an unsettling experience for those who don't do it regularly. For seasoned travelers, however, navigating sprawling airports and throngs of people carting bags has become second nature.

If you travel often, you've probably noticed that your layovers tend to be in the same cities, and you've become familiar with the layouts of your most frequented spots. In case you've ever wondered where your local spot ranks, here is a list of the ten busiest airports in the world, ranked by total number of passengers in 2012.

1. Dubai International (DXB) - 57,684,550

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Located in the Al Garhoud district, about 2.5 miles (4km) northeast of Dubai, the Dubai International airport had an exceptionally busy year in 2012. Its passenger count increased by 13.2 percent! Emirates airline accounts for more than half of all aircraft activity in and out of the airport, though 85 airlines total operate from Dubai International.

One factor that influenced this fluctuation in activity, is the increased tourism Dubai has experienced in recent years, and it is home to the world's first seven star resort, the Burj al-Arab hotel.

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