7 Reasons to Vacation in the US ...


There are so many reasons to vacation in the US that American citizens can travel without even leaving their own borders. It's also an amazing holiday destination for visitors from other countries. The US is so vast that it offers everything you could possibly want. Here are some of the reasons to vacation in the US …

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So Much Variety

One of the amazing reasons to vacation in the US is that there is so much variety. Do you like cities? Take your pick. Or if you prefer the country, there are beautiful state parks you can tour. There's skiing, beaches, history, shopping, sightseeing, museums - everything you could possibly want in a vacation. Whatever you're looking for, it's somewhere in the US.


Travel without a Passport

Has your passport expired, or don't you want to get one? If you're American, you don't need a passport to go on vacation if you decide to holiday in your own country. In order to fly within the US, you can use other forms of ID such as your driver's license or military ID if you have it. Then you don't have to go through the bureaucracy or expense of getting a passport - which is expensive for a family.


Take Your Dog

Do you hate putting your dog in kennels? Travel within the US and you can take him with you. You won't spend your trip worrying about how he's getting along, or have to look for a sitter to care for him while you're away. Check petswelcome.com, dogfriendly.com or bringfido.com for information on finding dog-friendly lodgings and traveling with a pet.


Road Trip

The US is the perfect country to take a road trip. Imagine how amazing it would be to drive down those wide open roads, and the stunning photographs you could take to record your trip. Whether you choose to travel in a motor home or by car, it's sure to be a memorable trip. And you'll never exhaust the possibilities in just one trip.


Helps the Economy

Another good reason for Americans to holiday in the US is that it helps the economy. By staying in small communities, and shopping there, you're also helping to support those local communities. Everything you spend on your trip helps keep people in work and small businesses open.


Amazing Cities

The sheer size of the US means that it has hundreds of cities that you can visit (although not in the same trip!). You can pick a vibrant city like New York, or a laidback San Francisco. There's the sun of Miami, the grunge of Portland, or historic Boston … there truly is something for everyone.


Visit Family

Finally, it's not uncommon for Americans to have family scattered all over the US. Have you been thinking about visiting yours? Vacationing in the US gives you the chance to travel to visit your relatives (especially if they live somewhere interesting!). They'll be delighted to see you, and you can take in the sights as well.

Many people from other countries would love to visit the US - I hope to pay it a visit one day. So if you're American, take advantage of the fact that you don't need a visa or a passport. If you're foreign, start planning that trip! What do you love about the US and what would you most like to see?

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