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10 Surprising Things All Tourists Love about America ...

By Jennifer

There are so many things that tourists in our country love about America that I just never considered til I hosted some European friends for a few weeks. Some struck me as odd at first, but with a little explanation, they all make sense. Ready?

1 Our Candy

... but not our chocolate. Twizzlers, Dots, Sour Patch Kids, and Swedish Fish are all faves.

2 Petrol Prices

While we're whining that gas is hovering around $3 a gallon, they'repaying a heck of a lot more - like, $10 a gallon. Also a bonus: we apparently have a lot more gas stations than most European countries.


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3 Target Stores

I kind of hate Target (because somehow I always, always end up spending at least $100 there), but my friends love the place.

4 Free Restrooms

Most malls, stores, theaters, museums, restaurants and other public places have restrooms, and we tend to take them, and the fact that they're free here, for granted.

5 Unrelenting Friendliness

We Americans are pretty friendly, walking around with smiles on our faces, always ready to help a stranger find directions and to recommend a good restaurant. That's a plus!

6 American Sports

Baseball is a hit, but another surprising favorite is American football. Who knew?

7 Our Accents

Tourists especially adore southern accents, with extra points for funny expressions and Texas accents, in particular.

8 Yards

Again, something I kind of hate (lawn mowing, ugh!) but something most Europeans may not have - a front and/or back yard.

9 Minivans/SUVs

While most of my European friends have driven a small SUV at home, most are mystified and then enamored of minivans.

10 Huge Serving Sizes & Free Refills

Our "normal" serving sizes are about twice what my friends are used to - which may explain our ample waistlines? And high cholesterol?

If you've spent time in the U.S. as a tourist, what did you love? What surprised you?

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