10 Surprising Things All Tourists Love about America ...


10 Surprising Things All Tourists Love about America ...
10 Surprising Things All Tourists Love about America ...

There are so many things that tourists in our country love about America that I just never considered til I hosted some European friends for a few weeks. Some struck me as odd at first, but with a little explanation, they all make sense. Ready?

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Our Candy

... but not our chocolate. Twizzlers, Dots, Sour Patch Kids, and Swedish Fish are all faves.


Petrol Prices

While we're whining that gas is hovering around $3 a gallon, they'repaying a heck of a lot more - like, $10 a gallon. Also a bonus: we apparently have a lot more gas stations than most European countries.


Target Stores

I kind of hate Target (because somehow I always, always end up spending at least $100 there), but my friends love the place.


Free Restrooms

Most malls, stores, theaters, museums, restaurants and other public places have restrooms, and we tend to take them, and the fact that they're free here, for granted.


Unrelenting Friendliness

We Americans are pretty friendly, walking around with smiles on our faces, always ready to help a stranger find directions and to recommend a good restaurant. That's a plus!


American Sports

Baseball is a hit, but another surprising favorite is American football. Who knew?


Our Accents

Tourists especially adore southern accents, with extra points for funny expressions and Texas accents, in particular.



Again, something I kind of hate (lawn mowing, ugh!) but something most Europeans may not have - a front and/or back yard.



While most of my European friends have driven a small SUV at home, most are mystified and then enamored of minivans.


Huge Serving Sizes & Free Refills

Our "normal" serving sizes are about twice what my friends are used to - which may explain our ample waistlines? And high cholesterol?

If you've spent time in the U.S. as a tourist, what did you love? What surprised you?

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"5. UNRELENTING FRIENDLINESS We Americans are pretty friendly, walking around with smiles on our faces, always ready to help a stranger find directions and to recommend a good restaurant. That's a plus!" This is so far from the truth! Especially in NYC!

What I loved in LA is that you can take your bike with you when you take a bus, you simply put it on the bike rack at the front! We should have this in the Netherlands, with our 18 million bicycles!

And you had to pay for toilet paper...4 squares is all u get! Unless you pay more for extra!

@E it sounds like you're the hateful one. Not all Americans are like that.

Have been several times to the States. Love travelling around there. Huge open spaces like the ones I miss in Africa. I live in UK being English. Travelled around Florida,Arizona ,Nevada and visited San Franscisco. Always found people approachable and friendly. Usually public toilets are spotless - some of ours are ghastly !

Wait... People have to pay to go to the bathroom..? That's horrible. I'd die

The only thing I didn't like in America was that as a woman, you can't go anywhere by yourself! You can't go out late without anyone else! There are "stalkers everywhere!

Great article Jennifer! I absolutely agree with the free restrooms. Not only is it free to use but it comes stocked(most times) with toilet paper and hand dryers while in other countries you also pay for that. Definitely love living in the good ol' US of A!

I don't know why u think ppl love Americans when in reality when u travel everyone hates Americans and refuses to help them, you're not very friendly and the southern accent is one of the worst accents. Also how bout you're having a huge racism issue and all the "good" stuff u listed can be found & done in Canada, Australia & a ton of other countries Except target cuz uh well that was tried & failed miserably in Canada. I do love San Francisco, NYC, Hawaii & a few other states 😉

I don't agree with number 5, Americans are not that friendly sure they'll help when a person asks something but they're not that warning as Latins. No hate just a comparison.

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