30 Captivating Caribbean Islands: How to Choose One for a Vacation ...

In a region packed with fabulous destinations, the obvious question must be how to choose a Caribbean island. They might share the same topography of gorgeous beaches surrounded by sparkling crystal blue seas, but internally they are different and their local flavor is also full of unique characteristics. So how to choose a Caribbean island? Here’s 30 captivating Caribbean Islands in a nutshell.

1. Jamaica

If you want to know how to choose a Caribbean island that sums up the spice of the region, it has to be Jamaica. The first of the islands to really embrace mass tourism, it is still one of the most popular tropical destinations in the world. With Montego Bay and Dunns River Falls (pictured above), Bob Marley music, spicy cuisine, and the distinct urban rush of Kingston, Jamaica has a laid back vibe that is also exciting.

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