Top 8 Adventure Trips in the Caribbean ...


Top 8 Adventure Trips in the Caribbean ...
Top 8 Adventure Trips in the Caribbean ...

The Islands of the Caribbean are not just for tropical vacations of lying on sun kissed beaches lapped by crystal azure waters, sipping Pina Colada. Adventure trips in the Caribbean make for vacations that are not easily forgotten. Caribbean adventure trips are a fun and exciting way of discovery some of the incredible features of the region’s islands beyond the stunning coastline. Here’s my pick for the Top 8 Adventure Trips in the Caribbean:

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Swim with Sharks in the Bahamas

Swim with Sharks in the Bahamas Where Caribbean adventure trips are concerned, they don’t get much more exciting than diving to an underwater sandy beach and swimming with sharks. Tiger Beach is home territory for bull and reef sharks, hammerheads and makos and, safely ensconced inside a diving cage, you can watch these mysterious creatures of the deep as they glide silently through the water.


Walk the Mastic Trail on Grand Cayman

Walk the Mastic Trail on Grand Cayman This two-mile stretch of forest is more than two million years old and contains some of the only remaining dry, subtropical forests once common across the Caribbean. Now run by the National Trust for the Cayman Islands, it is a natural wonder of dense mangrove swamps, mastic trees, unique to the island wildlife and amazing bird life, including parrots and woodpeckers.


Hike El Yunque on Puerto Rico

Hike El Yunque on Puerto Rico The rain forest of Puerto Rico is an extraordinary sight, the only tropical rainforest habitat that’s part of the US Forest system. A hike here is the stuff Caribbean adventures are made of, surrounded by lofty palm trees with the thundering sound of hidden waterfalls close by.


Climb the Pitons of St Lucia

Climb the Pitons of St Lucia These twin volcanic peaks dominate the landscape of the picturesque island of St Lucia. At a lofty 2,620ft for Gros Piton and 2,460ft for Petit Piton and rising direct from the water’s edge, the mountains present a wonderful challenge for the adventurous traveller in the Caribbean. The extraordinary views from the top most certainly make the effort worth the while.


Trek Grenada’s Jungle

Trek Grenada’s Jungle For Caribbean adventure vacations that satisfy the eco warrior in you, head for Grand Etang Lake and Forest Reserve, a magnificently diverse landscape of rain forest, exotic vegetation, colourful bird life and chattering monkeys. Cool down in one of the many waterfalls that proliferate in the forest or enjoy a swim in Grand Etang Lake, once the crater of one of Grenada’s extinct volcanoes.


Splash with the Stingrays of Grand Cayman

Splash with the Stingrays of Grand Cayman Stingray City is a Caribbean adventure of a lifetime. Snorkeling on the sandbar, you’ll come face to face with the Atlantic southern stingrays that gather here and can touch and even feed them. Snorkelers can explore the shallow reef while divers are welcome to go further out where they might be lucky enough to come across a sea turtle.


Dive to a Shipwreck off the British Virgin Islands

Dive to a Shipwreck off the British Virgin Islands The treacherous submerged and shallow reefs that surround the 40 or so islands that make up the British Virgin Islands have been the grave of hundreds of ships over the centuries. One of the most famous is the RMS Rhone whose hull and mast can still be seen under the coral, 150 years after the steamer sank in a storm. The wreck is now a national park and the area makes the perfect Caribbean adventure vacation for experienced divers who can explore this underwater playground.


Feel the Heat of Boiling Lake on Dominica

Feel the Heat of Boiling Lake on Dominica The world’s second largest hot spring, Boiling Lake is a flooded fumarole – a volcanic crack in the earth’s crust – that is reached by a strenuous 8-hour hike through the haunting Valley of Desolation with its steam and sulphur vents, hot springs and mud pots. A Caribbean adventure trip that’s not for the faint-hearted, the trek to Boiling Lake, at the centre of Dominica’s Morne Trois Pitons National Park, is a gruelling one through difficult terrain. A guide is recommended for those who want to tackle this mighty challenge.

These 8 brilliant Caribbean adventure trips only cream off the top of the massive range of exciting experiences you could be having. What’s at the top of your list?

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I'm from the Cayman Islands aswell and its amazing to see stuff like this. :)

Hey! This is great, I'm from the Cayman Islands and its pretty cool to see my island in this post. Also, the other islands look great! Great job!

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