10 Brilliant Budget Destinations ...


10 Brilliant Budget Destinations ...
10 Brilliant Budget Destinations ...

If you’re thinking about your summer vacation you might be interested in the best budget destinations. What makes a good budget destination is not just the cost of getting there and accommodation, but also the value of money you can expect when there. Every year the great and good of the travel industry, travel agents and bloggers publish their lists. Generally, they reach the same conclusions and here are some of the highly recommended budget destinations for this year.

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Antalya, Turkey

What has been the south western Mediterranean’s best kept secret for years is now emerging as one of the best budget destinations the life can offer. The Turkish Riviera, as Antalya is colloquially known, offers everything from the ultra-luxurious and incredibly expensive to top 5 star resorts offering budget rates all year round. With accommodation prices plummeting a whopping 25% since 2011, the Turkish Rivera is the place to be this year.


Cape Town, South Africa

Stunning weather all year round, incredible landscapes, an energetic and bustling city sprawling out at the majestic foot of the legendary Table Mountain, fresh seafood caught daily, the cashmere white beach sand sinking between your toes as you sip on generous glasses of local award winning wine while looking out over a sweeping coastal view that is just for you with prices offering you the holiday of a lifetime fit for kings and queens... Where could you go wrong?


Toronto, Canada

As Oprah would say Toronto is busy having an ‘A-HA’ moment, with a booming economy, where the oil industry is going like a Boeing and infrastructure is developing like a runaway train. With an excellent dose of North American history, culture, museums, art galleries and shopping, there is also an abundance of incredible scenery just waiting for nature lovers to experience all the outdoorsy activities. What makes this one of the excellent budget destinations is that the hotel prices are not one of the things running away like a wounded buffalo, and the prices have stayed at previous year levels.


Northern Ireland

Rising up through the ashes of decades of serious conflict, Northern Ireland wasn’t necessarily the favourite of recent years to be hitting any traveler's list at all, let alone reaching the top of one despite it being a beautiful country. But Northern Ireland has spent a great deal of money getting a serious face lift There are huge spaces dedicated to outdoor concerts, the military parade grounds have been opened and the iconic Peace Bridge has been opened, joining the old Catholic and Protestant areas of the city. Low airline prices and excellent accommodation deals are bringing in tourists from all over the world.


Loire Valley, France

With the Euro hitting all-time lows, this is bad news for locals, but good news for travelers. The Loire Valley in France is the epitome of charisma and romance, complete with cobbled walkways, rolling vineyards, charming country hotels and the breathtaking Loire River. Accommodation prices have dropped a whopping 20% recently and are still dropping, making this one of the top budget friendly destinations.



Slovenia is one of the quiet countries of Europe but is beginning to make some serious noise on the tourist front. The cities, like Ljubljana the capital, are vibrant and steeped in culture and the natural attributes are stunning, including the Julian Alps and the breathtaking Lake Bled. Slovenia offers beauty, history and culture at a much cheaper cost than near neighbors Prague in the Czech Republic and Vienna in Austria.


Palm Springs, California

As the local economy took a dip and accommodation and air fare prices followed suit, this once booming playground for the rich and famous is now more accessible than ever. A veritable Californian desert oasis, Palm Springs is the new black when it comes to holidays on a budget. Lots of super luxurious places to stay, plenty of places to play golf and dip in a sparkling pool – all the right ingredients for a proper holiday. Brilliant if you fancy a golfing holiday.


The Bahamas

Air ticket prices are falling, accommodation prices are on a steady downfall and budget travelers from all over the world are flocking to the sun, sea and sand of The Bahamas. The local cuisine won’t hurt your pocket too much either and you can wine and dine like royalty, be pampered in 5 star spas, cruise around the islands, swim with dolphins and snorkel around the reefs, all for a reasonable price. It is best to go from November through to April when the rainy season has passed.


Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

If you think that the picturesque surroundings, the mesmerising turquoise waters and the rocky limestone outcrops look like they have popped right out of a movie – you would be spot on. The incredible location of the film "The Beach" starring Leonardo di Caprio caused a worldwide sensation with Ko Phi Phi seeing a boom in tourism that it has never seen before. Having rebuilt itself up after the devastating tsunami in 2004, it remains one of the most affordable holiday destinations in Thailand.


Nashville, Tennessee

Charismatic Nashville has been the star of many a country song, but in real life it’s growing in leaps and bounds. Luxury hotels are emerging everywhere, and its reputation as one of the premier culinary destinations in the US has been transformed from the good old meat and potato country. So now not only famous for its super country music but the rapidly evolving infrastructure is making this one of the great budget destinations.

There’s quite an eclectic mix in the best budget friendly destinations. Where do you fancy going?

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Definitely, Thailand!

Thailand, Cape Town, and turkey. Awesome post!

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