7 Best Places for a Zipline Adventure in the USA ...

If you hanker after a thrilling adventure, US ziplines deliver! It’s always an adrenaline rush to fly through the air, high up, at speed, but it’s even better when the scenery is amazing. It’s a wonderful eco-friendly way to see some of the best natural features of the USA. The glorious location of these US ziplines is what makes them stand out among the rest.

1. Charlemont, MA

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I mentioned that fantastic scenery is a must. What better location could there be for US ziplines than New England in the fall? Operated by Berkshire East Canopy tours, the zipline in Charlemont is the longest in New England and simply breathtaking when the trees are in their full autumn coats. There are 3 different length options so is sutiable for all the family and all ages.

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