7 Extreme Vacation Destinations for Thrill Seekers ...


7 Extreme Vacation Destinations for Thrill Seekers ...
7 Extreme Vacation Destinations for Thrill Seekers ...

If you get high on adrenaline, you aren’t content with just sitting by the pool or the ocean for a week or two when on vacation. You want activities and places that will get your heart pumping – like these:

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Mount Huashan Hiking Trail, China

If you're looking for the world's most adrenaline filled trips for hikers, you've only got to look at a hiking map of Mount Huashan trail to realize it's the most dangerous hiking trail on the planet. Tackle vertical ascents, steep staircases to heaven and mere boards bolted into the rock face, if you're brave enough. Even gutsy mountain goats think twice about this one.


Space Adventures Vienna, Virginia, USA

How about a spot of weightlessness after all that binge eating over the summer? At Vienna's Space Adventures, wanna-be astronauts can board a specially modified Boeing 727 that will dip and arc its way to a weightless environment through air-born maneuvers called parabolas. Each process of dips and arcs requires 10 miles of airspace in which to perform. During this short period, passengers get to experience weightlessness and can float around to their hearts' content. It's huge fun but also a little scary. But you do get to wear a space suit of sorts.


Paragliding through Jungfrau Region, Interlaken, Switzerland

Real adrenalin junkies will put paragliding high up on their list of thrills. At Interlaken, they get to have plenty of those, so naturally this beautiful Swiss resort is getting a mention here. Paragliding through the gorgeous Jungfrau region, above turquoise, mirror-like mountain lakes, vast glaciers and charming chocolate-box towns, is an unforgettable experience that will make you feel like an eagle.


Dinner in the Sky, Brussels, Belgium

Having taken Belgium by storm, Dinner in the Sky is now available in more than 40 countries. Buckle in, tuck in your napkin firmly and enjoy a dinner floating above Brussels, Milan or Paris. No need to worry about calories - your heart will be pounding so much, you'll work off everything you're consuming.


Fuji-Q Highland's ROLLER COASTER Ride, Fujiyoshida, Japan

At Fuji-Q Highland amusement park in Japan, speed fans can try out the world's steepest roller coaster. The Takabisha roller coaster takes off at speeds of 0 to 62 miles per hour in two seconds flat thanks to special launch motors. No surprise it holds the world record for hurtling down the highest angle of descent. Stare a slope of 121 degrees in the face and try not to scream at that terrifying sight!


Walk the Wing in Gloucestershire, UK

Catch a bird's eye view of England's green and pleasant pastures while wing-walking professionals teach you how to strap in correctly. Then cling onto the wing of an airborne plane by the skin of your teeth and say a prayer. The pilot will perform whatever air acrobatics you ask for. Anyone fancy a roll-over or kamikaze descent? Don't worry, you'll get plenty of training before you emerge in typical 1920s showmanship-style, and perform some jaw-dropping stunts to please onlookers below on the airfield...or frighten them out of their wits if they're loved ones.


Take a Dip in Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls, Africa

Visiting Victoria Falls in Livingstone in Africa has got to be on most people's bucket list of adventure trips, but if you want to best their ambitions, take a dip in Devil's Pool between September and December. This is the time of year when water levels are just right and Devil's Pool appears. It sits right on the ledge of the world's largest waterfall, separated by a convenient rock barrier.

There’s a multitude of awesome adventures for adrenaline junkies all over the world. I’d love to hear of your heart racing, blood pumping trips. Where have you been?

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Take a deep dive in Victoria falls sounds like committing suicide to me !!!

Wow!!! This is so exciting!

I love these!!

Especially #7

Oh my gosh thank you for this post! I needed to know what the name of that rollercoaster was as I'm going to Japan in October!

I'm certain Victoria Falls is in Zambia. Probably better to be specific rather than saying Africa. That's like saying Dinner in the Sky, Europe.

These all look so cool

Love this!

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