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There are hundreds of adventurous honeymoon destinations in this world, and it’s so much fun to have a honeymoon that has a little adventure to it! I haven’t really thought about where I’d want to go for my honeymoon, but I do know that I would love for it to have a little adventure. Nothing gets the heart racing like a little action in a romantic destination! Here are 20 adventurous honeymoon destinations that you will remember for a lifetime.

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Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp, Jordan

Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp, Jordan The word ‘Bedouin’ just sounds romantic and amazing, so obviously it has to be one of the most adventurous honeymoon destinations you and your other half can visit. It’s gorgeous to wake up in the middle of a dessert, and you’ll actually get to see the stars at night here.


Hike through the Rainforest at Volcano Rainforest Retreat, Hawaii

Hike through the Rainforest at Volcano Rainforest Retreat, Hawaii There are bed and breakfasts, then there are B&Bs in Hawaii. I imagine the ones in Hawaii are much more beautiful. Plus this one is in the middle of a rainforest, and you can spend your days hiking through the forest, swimming in natural ponds, and you’ll have fresh fruit every morning. Every day, you’ll have something new to look for!


Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School, Thailand

Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School, Thailand Are you and your other half a fan of all types of cooking? If so, and you have a soft spot for Asian cuisine, then this is the place to go. I read somewhere that if you want to become a little more adventurous, the best way to open yourself up is by trying new foods! So why not learn how to cook something delicious on your honeymoon and go off on an adventure together?


Glamping in Greystoke Mahale, Western Tanzania

Glamping in Greystoke Mahale, Western Tanzania Glamping is a thing; glamourous camping is what it’s all about. I guess nowadays, people like to mix a little of nature with a little bit of luxury so, we have the wonderful world of glamping for us to choose for a honeymoon adventure. A place like Greystoke will give you all the benefits of small luxuries (like warm water) while being surrounded by nature. Oh, and this place is also filled with chimps - everywhere. Huge plus.


Hot Balloon Air Ride, the Serengeti

Hot Balloon Air Ride, the Serengeti The Serengeti has hot air balloon safaris, and you’re literally in a hot air balloon, looking down at the incredibly landscape and wildlife sprawling beneath you. Going for a hot air balloon ride is awesome enough; doing that in the Serengeti while seeing elephants beneath you – that’s incredible.


Shark Cage Diving, West End, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas

Shark Cage Diving, West End, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas Just to give you some perspective, Tiger Sharks rule here, and next to Great Whites, these guys are the most dangerous – they’ll eat pretty much anything. This is a little too much adventure for me, so that’s why I prefer to be in a cage watching them from a safe distance. And the Bahama’s is one of the best places to do that!


Breakfast at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Breakfast at Angkor Wat, Cambodia There are probably no words to describe how beautiful this experience would be. Completely serene, beautiful history and nature surround you, and you’ll get to eat breakfast in a cave. You’ll also get to see cave drawings, incredible temples and probably some of the most stunning sunrises you’ll ever see in your life.


Sleep under the Stars in Kulala Desert Lodge, Namibia

Sleep under the Stars in Kulala Desert Lodge, Namibia It seems as if this is a pretty popular destination for honeymooners (at least according to TripAdvisor) and the votes are unanimous – this place is incredibly gorgeous and a magical experience. Based on that alone, and the fact that you’ll be literally sleeping under the stars, I think it’s safe to say it’s a place you need to visit.


Dive with Whales in Rurutu, French Polynesia

Dive with Whales in Rurutu, French Polynesia If you and your other half love the adventures of the sea, then you’ll want to book your ticket to Rurutu now. This is THE place to go to get up close and personal with Humpback Whales. It’s one of the most populated areas on earth for these majestic creatures, and you will not be disappointed – I promise.


Make Wine in Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Make Wine in Okanagan Valley, British Columbia For all you wine lovers out there, your honeymoon is a pretty awesome excuse to go out and relive just a portion of your college days. But the great thing is, how you have a better appreciation of what good wine actually is, and you’ll actually be interested in the wine making process!


Make Coffee in Eje Cafetero, Colombia

Make Coffee in Eje Cafetero, Colombia What could be more amazing that going to a place that’s known as the capital of coffee? Not much, especially if you and your other half love coffee. Plus Columbia is a whole difference culture and landscape, filled to the brim with delicious food to go with your delicious coffee!


Biking in Provence, France

Biking in Provence, France France itself is incredible; being able to ride around Provence on a bike is even better. You know how you see those movie scenes, and you have a couple riding on their bikes with this perfect landscape sprawled behind them? That’s what I imagine biking in France would be like. With all the little stops you’ll make along the way, it’ll be a trip of a lifetime.


Micato Safaris, Africa

Micato Safaris, Africa Do a quick Google search and you'll find this is the top rated safari tour in the world, well, at least according to the trusty search engine that is Google. That is why you need to go here, because it’s a safari, and just in itself, that’s awesome.


Ski in Zermatt, Switzerland

Ski in Zermatt, Switzerland It takes a great skier to want to go skiing on their honeymoon. If you and your new partner in crime are ace skiers, then you need to consider going to Switzerland. It has some of the best mountains in the world to test your skills. Plus it’s just gorgeous up there!


Cave Tubing & Zip Line in Belize

Cave Tubing & Zip Line in Belize I’ve only ever gone zip lining once in my life, but it was incredible. Cave tubing I’ve never done, but it’s something I would definitely consider doing! FYI, cave tubing is when you go tubing – in a super huge, and gorgeous cave. There’s pretty much no other place you’d rather be once you’re here, that’s for sure!


Hiking in Peru

Hiking in Peru Hiking to Machu Picchu to be exact. This place as gained a lot of popularity over the past few years; so more tourists can be found on this site. Either way, not only will it be an incredible view to the main ruins, which is the main attraction, but it will be a ton of fun along the way, racing one another to the top!


Parasailing in Hawaii

Parasailing in Hawaii I’ve always wanted to parasail, and what better place to do it than in Hawaii? Personally, I think there’s nothing quite as fun and exciting as being up in the sky, parasailing with the person you love most in this world beside you, staring out at a perfect blue ocean and a perfect blue sky. Now I want to be in Hawaii, parasailing.


Horseback Riding in Bermuda

Horseback Riding in Bermuda When something is both romantic and adventurous, that is perhaps the best thing ever. Horseback riding on the beach in Bermuda totally fits that bill. Bermuda has some of the most beautiful and warm beaches in the world, so get ready for a magical experience.


Jet Ski Tour in Turks and Caicos

Jet Ski Tour in Turks and Caicos My boyfriend and I have decided that this summer, we’re going to go jet skiing. Not only does it sound like a lot of fun, I don’t know what could be more exciting than driving through crystal clear waters racing on the seas with your other half!


Camel Tours in Morocco

Camel Tours in Morocco I have always wanted to go Morocco, and I’ve always wanted to ride on top of a camel! It just seems like so much fun and it would be such a trip to be able to ride across a desert (or at least a part of a desert) on a camel! Even better is when you get to share that experience with your other half on your honeymoon!

Honeymoons are for spending good, quality time with your other half after the hectic crazy times of the wedding! There are so many different places for you to go, and so much to explore. It’s always good to have a little adventure in your honeymoon, mix it up with some romance and it’ll be a perfect trip. So tell me, what are some of your favourite adventurous honeymoon destinations?

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