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If you’re still unsure where to go on vacation, maybe one of the marvelous North America cycling trips will take your fancy. A cycling trip is so freeing. Although you’re following a planned route, your time is your own. You can set your pace and stop at whatever location you want to spend time in, when you say. It does require a bit of planning because you need to know where you are going to spend your nights, but there are plenty of options of camping, bed and breakfast, hotels or hostels. And, with these choices of North America cycling trips, who wouldn’t want to saddle up and get pedaling?

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The Pacific Coast Route

The Pacific Coast Route The Pacific coast route stretches for 1853 miles and is mostly on shared roads with some stretches for cyclists. For those who are always looking for new challenges, the route can be extended from Mexico to British Columbia, at the southern and northern ends, respectively. The trip from Washington all the way down to San Diego is one of the best us cycling trips since it gives you a nice view of the coast all the way!
More info at adventurecycling.org


The Denali Highway

The Denali Highway For those who have heard about the Alaskan Gold Rush, the Denali highway is not news. This 133-mile highway covers a route that was used earlier by the miners. Once the main route to Denali National Park, it spans from Paxson to Cantwell and is now a mecca for cyclists. It is a wonderful area for camping or hiking and there are plenty places to stop along the way for a walk in the glorious mountain scenery or a paddle in a lake.
More info at gorp.com


The Great Divide Trail

The Great Divide Trail This one is certainly not for the fainthearted. Nearly 2500 miles long, the Great Divide Trail consists of mixed gravel, converted railroad beds and single tracks in some places. It crosses the Continental Divide over 50 times and reaches an elevation of more than 2,000 feet making it one of the most challenging US cycle trips. The record timing for completing the whole route is 15 days. It is said that if you’ve done this trail, Tour de France isn’t a big thing for you!
More info at adventurecycling.org


Mississippi River Trail

Mississippi River Trail The Mississippi River is one of the longest rivers in US and spans a length of 2000 miles. The cycling trail passes through 10 states beginning in Minnesota at the source of the great river and ending at its delta in New Orleans, Louisiana. Apart from the main roads where bikes are predominantly seen, there are several off road paths as well.
More info at mississippirivertrail.org


C&O Canal and Towpath Passage

C&O Canal and Towpath Passage These two non-motorized trails link up to connect Pittsburgh and Washington. It will take you a few days to cover the 330-mile trail but if you are doing it in late summer/early autumn, the experience will be much better. There is also some history in this trail as the C&O Towpath is the same one that was used till 1924 to drag boats along the old Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. The extension of the trail into Pittsburgh is yet to be completed.
More info at bikewashington.org


Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad This is the route taken by black slaves and fugitives who wanted to escape to the North during the American Civil War. This is definitely one of the US cycling trips to take if you want to relive a bit of history. Cycling this trail lets you experience firsthand what the fugitives and their pursuers went through when fleeing for freedom. It stretches over 2,000 miles and is one of the most interesting cycling trips that you can take.
More info at adventurecycling.org


Green Mountains Loop

Green Mountains Loop If you want a trip where everything is lush and vibrant with the colors of summer, you can’t beat the Green Mountains Loop. The trail winds for 376 miles through gorgeous Vermont. Starting and ending in Burlington, you’ll cycle on shoulder-less roads where the traffic is light, passing through picturesque, small New England towns and green forests, up hills and down dales.
More info at adventurecycling.org

There are so many options in North America cycling trips. Whether you want to cycle for a long weekend or a few weeks, there are some fabulous destinations to see on two wheels. Is a cycling trip something you’d consider for a vacation?


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ragbrai! 7 day bike ride across the state of Iowa. start out by dipping your tire in the Missouri River and end 1 week later by dipping your tire in the Mississippi River. route changes every year to keep it interesting.


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