10 Unlikely Honeymoon Destinations That You Might Just Enjoy ...


10 Unlikely Honeymoon Destinations That You Might Just Enjoy ...
10 Unlikely Honeymoon Destinations That You Might Just Enjoy ...

Getting married is an incredible milestone in life. You spend months planning your big day and then you get just a few glorious minutes as you make a covenant with your soul mate to spend a lifetime loving each other. After the wedding is over and all the bridesmaids are gone, it is time to start your life together with a honeymoon vacation. While most couples choose a cruise or a trip to the coast for this special trip, you might be interested in trying something different. If you want an unforgettable first week with your new husband, here are 10 unlikely honeymoon destinations that you might just enjoy.

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A Week at Home

It might sound crazy, but after the crazy weeks leading up to your wedding, you might just want to stay at home. If you are moving into a brand new house, you will love having a full week to just get settled in and adjusted to living together. To make it even better, tell everyone you are leaving town so no one will call or come by to interrupt your week long love fest!


A Place of Poverty

If you and your new husband want your honeymoon to make a lasting impact on the world, why don’t you spend it in a place of poverty? Spend a week doing missions in Africa or volunteering with a feeding program in the jungles of the Caribbean? There is a big need in these places, but few are willing to go. A mission trip will give you a vacation, but it will also deepen your connection as your serve others together.


A Hot Air Balloon

For couples who only get a short honeymoon before returning to work, try a hot air balloon adventure! You can fly over beautiful scenery and enjoy seeing the world together. Camp at your landing spot and enjoy your wedding night before taking a second balloon ride home the following day.


A Big City

Sometimes the most enjoyable vacations are spent exploring new places together. Pick a big city that you have never visited and then just spend the week checking out the various restaurants, museums, art galleries, and city parks. Great choices would be New York City, San Diego, or Chicago.


Deep in the Forest

You don’t need to buy plane tickets to have a remote getaway! Just do some hiking and take supplies to camp in the forest for a few days. You will feel like you are all alone in the world, surrounded by nature. Camping can be lots of fun and you will have no interruptions from the outside world!


The Big Game

If you time your wedding correctly, you could spend your honeymoon enjoying a great sports event like the Superbowl or the World Series. Going to sporting events can be a lot of fun and it would be your guy’s dream come true! Book a hotel room near the stadium and explore the city during the rest of your visit.


A Game Show

For the ultimate in unconventional honeymoons, head to Hollywood and buy tickets for a game show. You could even try to become contestants by sending letters and applications in months ahead of time. You could spend your honeymoon exploring California and competing against other couples on Wheel of Fortune or Price is Right! You might even walk away with a nice little nest egg to show for all the fun.


Home Exchange Program

This option can be a little risky, but it is definitely an adventure. There are lots of websites where you can enroll in a home exchange program. You literally trade houses with someone on the other side of the world for a predetermined period of time. So you could live in Paris for two weeks while the person from Paris lived in your home while you are gone. Many people say these are the ultimate vacations because you literally step into someone else’s life and get a different perspective.


A Big Festival

There are festivals all over the country, celebrating everything from jazz music to BBQ chicken! Do some research online and find a festival that interests you and then make reservations to honeymoon in the festival’s location. Most big festivals last for two or three days so you will have lots to do and see each day!


Hop a Plane

If you and your sweetheart are the spontaneous types, don’t plan ahead. Pack a suitcase with clothes and a camera then head to the airport after your wedding. Buy tickets on the first plane available and just see where the adventure takes you. This is a fun way to visit places you would never find otherwise!

There are hundreds of ways you can spend your honeymoon, but these are 10 unlikely honeymoon destinations you might enjoy. Give one a try and enjoy an adventure you never dreamed possible! Can you think of other strange honeymoon destinations that would be a lot of fun?

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