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If you’re leaving your vacation until September or even October, let me share with you some really excellent reasons to visit Alaska in late summer. The “shoulder season” is a wonderful time. Mother Nature is closing down for summer and getting ready to set out her stall for fall – as if she hasn’t already bestowed enough beauty on the 49th State! So, if you’re still erming and ahhing over where you are heading, read on to be convinced of the reasons to visit Alaska in late summer.

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Beat the Crowds

Alaska is a popular tourist destination and over a million visitors head to this American State every year. The majority of these tourists visit the area in the months of June, July and August. One of the reasons to visit Alaska in late summer is that you can beat the crowds at all the tourist hotspots. You’ll have a greater range of choices for finding the best accommodation and your hiking trips will involve lesser photo spoilers because of fewer tourists, allowing you to get as close to nature as you can possibly get.


Reduced Costs

One of the main perks of Alaska in the shoulder season is the reduced cost. Alaska – and plenty of other places around the world – becomes more budget-friendly around the cusps of seasons. The sort of travel adventures that Alaska offers don’t come cheap, but if you can make spectacular savings on flights and accommodation, you’ll have more money to spend on fun.


Improved Wildlife Sighting Opportunities

Towards the end of summer, animals such as moose, caribou and grizzly bears move down to lower elevations to hunt for food. With fewer tourists around there are improved opportunities for catching sight of the wonderful wildlife, which is one of the best reasons to visit Alaska anyway – anytime. And talking of wildlife, September is a prime month for salmon fishing in Alaska. And another wildlife bonus – there are fewer mozzies in late summer!


Pleasant Weather

Alaska has warm days in September, while the nights are cold. That’s not at all a bad time to do sightseeing and is one of the main reasons to visit Alaska in late summer. When you are done with your travels and sightseeing for the day, what’s better than planning your next adventures by a roaring log fire?


The Aurora Borealis

September is one of the best times to watch the Northern Lights in Alaska. As long as the night is clear, all you have to do is step out between 10pm and 2am and scan the sky. The best place to view the Aurora Borealis is Fairbanks and areas further up north and inland – the area known as the ‘Aurora Oval.’


Longer Days

Because there are so many places to go, things to do and attractions of Alaska, one of the big perks of traveling here in late summer is that the days are longer than anywhere else in the other 49 states (except Hawaii). Daylight lasts 20-30 minutes longer on average, and who’s going to complain about extra daylight to enjoy more vacation fun?


Early Fall

While you may be enjoying more sunlight, fall actually comes a little earlier to Alaska than the rest of mainland USA. If you want to steal a march on those who are waiting to visit New England in October or November to get a fix of stunning fall colors, head to Alaska. You will find hardwood trees in a variety of shades ranging from brilliant yellow to orange, while the willow trees will boast a deep crimson color. To top it all, you will be viewing these trees with snow capped mountain peaks in the background. It is difficult to resist taking out your camera. The Polychrome Pass in the Denali National Park is one of the best places to go in Alaska at this time of the year.

When you’re looking for a late summer destination, Alaska is ideal. It’s fabulous any time of year but the reasons to visit Alaska in late summer are rather compelling. Agreed?

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I would love to go. beautiful

@Neecey, any city or town in particular to see the northern lights and the fall colors with the snowcapped mountains?

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