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7 Amazing Ways to Have a Great Staycation ...

By Valencia

There are plenty of ways to have a great staycation, and there's no rule that says you have to leave home to enjoy yourself. The truth is, family vacations have become more expensive over the years. Between the high cost of airfare and higher hotel costs, many families are discovering that it's more economical to stay home. But staying home doesn't suggest a boring week. Here are seven amazing ways to have a great staycation.

1 Camp out at a Local Beach or Campground

If you're looking for ways to have a great staycation, plan a local camping trip with the family. This is an excellent idea if you’re the outdoorsy type and you want to get away from the house for one or two nights. Camping at a local campground is fairly inexpensive, and if you already own camping gear, you won't have to spend a lot of money out-of-pocket.

2 Spend One or Two Nights at a Local Hotel

Since you’re saving money on airfare, you might be able to splurge and spend one or two nights at a local hotel. If possible, select a hotel with several amenities, and maybe one within walking distance of several local attractions.

3 Finish All Your Chores before Beginning the Staycation

The same way you don't worry about housework when you're on a vacation away from home, you shouldn't worry about chores during your staycation. This is your family's time to unwind and relax. Therefore, your staycation should not involve extensive household chores or home improvements. Complete these tasks before starting your staycation, so you can enjoy your time to the fullest.

4 Fill the Days with Fun New Activities

Sit down with your family and develop a game plan. How will you spend your days? For the best staycation, plan an activity for most days of the week. It's okay to spend some days at home relaxing, but it's also fun to get out and explore your local area. Go to a museum that you've never visited, or take advantage of other activities, such as local whale-watching, snorkeling or renting jet skis at the beach.

5 Save up Enough Money

To enjoy local activities, make sure you have plenty of cash on hand. Plan for your staycation in advance and you’ll have enough to explore and gain new experiences. Also, you might save up so that your family can eat out every night, if possible.

6 Limit Checking Your Work Email

To truly enjoy your staycation, break free from work. Pretend as if you're away in a far-off destination. If you have to check your work email, do so once a day or once every other day. Also, don't let your boss know that you're in town. If he knows that you’re at home, he might think it’s okay to call and ask questions.

7 Let Each Person Choose an Activity

For a staycation to be enjoyable for everyone, allow each person to select at least one activity for the family. For example, your daughter may want the family to go bike riding on the boardwalk, your son may want to tour a museum, and you and your spouse may want to enjoy cultural activities.

A staycation can be just as fun as any other getaway, but you’ll need to plan in advance and make sure you have enough cash to enjoy yourself. Are you planning a staycation this summer? How are you and your family spending this time?

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