Real Life Castle Hotels Your Inner Princess Will Love to Stay in ...

Modern hotels can be wonderful but there’s nothing quite like a castle hotel.

They don’t build castles any more so you know there’s sure going to be an antique feel which adds to the romance and sense of drama.

And as the definition of castle differs country by country, there’s variety too.

But wherever you go to stay in a castle hotel, you will please your inner princess.

1. Castle Hotel Auf Schonburg – Germany

Castle Hotel Auf Schonburg – Germany

Germany has long been regarded as the land of fairy tales, and this stunning castle hotel that sits above the heart of a small medieval town will make you feel like you have jumped straight in to your very own magical time adventure.

With only 24 rooms, you will feel comfortable and isolated enough to feel like you really are the Queen of the castle!

Estancia La Candelaria – Argentina