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We can all use a little magic in our lives. Find it when you stay in a vacation castle. Whether you want to be the Duchess of Cambridge, Anna or Elsa, or even Cinderella looking for her Prince Charming, these places will make you feel like a princess.

1. Helen’s Tower, Northern Ireland

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Who says you can’t live like a princess when vacation castles actually exist? Helen’s Tower evokes thoughts of Rapunzel with its tall, narrow shape, and was named for Lady Helen Blackwood in the mid 1800s. This historical landmark is snuggled into the rolling hills of Bangor, Northern Ireland. A number of poems were inspired by the tower, and it was used during the First World War by soldiers before going to the front. The 3-storey tower overlooks the Clandeboye Estate and houses 2 guests at a cost of about $165 per night.

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