Hipster Chicks Will Love These Hotels🏨 That Are Too Cool for School🛄 ...

The more diversity we as consumers demand from just about anything, the more interesting choices we have, in everything. Previously we were stuck with choosing hotels pretty much on price once we had selected our destination, and price dictated amenities and quality. Nowadays, price point can mean absolutely anything so we can be more discerning in the hotels we book into. If you’re a boho chick or just aspire for something interesting for your stay, you’ll love these hipster hotels.

1. Wythe Hotel, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, USA

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The trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg is producing quite a few hipster hotels these days. The Wythe Hotel is most decidedly one of the best choices for hipsters looking for accommodation in Brooklyn. Since the hotel opened in spring 2012, the converted red-brick factory on Williamsburg's lovely waterfront has provided trendy folk with 72 rooms spread over 8 floors that could be described as environmentally friendly with a touch of industrial chic. Concrete floors, beds handcrafted from salvaged timber and close proximity to attractions like the Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn Flea and Brooklyn Bowl make this a great choice. There's even a great terrace cocktail party, should you wish to party with friends, and Reynard's restaurant is part of the delicious package. Address: 80 Wythe Avenue (at North 11th Street); 718-460-8000.

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