Stunning Photos for Girls Who Are Dreaming of Traveling the World ...


Stunning Photos for Girls Who Are Dreaming of Traveling the World ...
Stunning Photos for Girls Who Are Dreaming of Traveling the World ...

I never get bored of looking at travel photos. They stir my wanderlust more than anything else. I've picked out a selection of pictures that showcase the diversity of our beautiful world. Enjoy!

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Keeping Watch

Corcovado, night, monument, Christ the Redeemer cradles the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro in his arms.


At the Edge

habitat, landform, geographical feature, natural environment, shore, There's something magical when two different landscapes meet. Here it's the Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean.


Sculpted Earth

mountainous landforms, geographical feature, landform, wilderness, mountain range, The landscape of Landmannalaugar in Iceland is the result of millions of years of volcanic activity.


Mirror, Mirror

sky, reflection, nature, atmosphere, atmospheric phenomenon, The Moon Bridge is in Dahu Park in Taipei, Taiwan. It's simply magical in the twilight hours.


Distant Peak

habitat, mountainous landforms, plain, geographical feature, landform, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is one of the most recognizable mountains in the world.


Deep Blue

Lake-Melissani Cave, geographical feature, landform, sea cave, cave, The Melissani Cave in Kefalonia is steeped in Greek mythology. It is believed to have been inhabited by nymphs who would lure in sailors.


Standing out

Trolltunga, landform, geographical feature, cliff, geological phenomenon, Jutting out 350 meters (1100+ feet) above a lake in Hardanger, Norway, the Troll's Tongue is a favorite photo opp for intrepid hikers.


A Head above the Rest

Moai, highland, agriculture, hill, plain, When man intervenes in a beautiful landscape, sometimes the result is magical.



coast, shore, sea, wind wave, cliff, Clearly seen as your approach the souther cost


Adorably Alpine

Wildstrubel, mountainous landforms, lake, wilderness, mountain, There's something special about an infinity pool in the Alps. Try the Cambrian Hotel in Abelboden, Switzerland.


City Lights

Victoria Harbour, metropolitan area, night, skyline, cityscape, Urban landscapes can be rather impressive too. Especially when it's Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.


Standing Tall

Twelve Apostles, cliff, landform, geographical feature, coast, The Twelve Apostles are one of Australia's most wonderful natural attractions.


Fairytale Land

highland, mountainous landforms, sky, nature, mountain, Dramatic and austere but incredibly beautiful Scotland's Isle of Skye is a landscape artist's dream.


Wet and Wild

sky, cloud, coast, sea, shore, Of all the beaches in the world, few can rival Cannon Beach in Oregon, USA for sheer drama.


I Can Sing a Rainbow

flower, field, plant, land plant, flowering plant, Well maybe not quite a whole rainbow but the tulip fields of The Netherlands are quite a palette.


Capture All

tower, castle, flower, It's special when a picture captures the quintessence of a country in one shot.


Moody Day

sky, cloud, atmospheric phenomenon, sunrise, horizon, Sunrise is one of the best times of the day to capture the charms of Tuscany in Italy.


Wide Open

Fitz Roy, Monte Fitz Roy, mountainous landforms, road, mountain, Oh the joy of the open road with an incredible destination in the view ahead - like on the Punta 40 in Argentina.


Two Tones of Blue

geographical feature, landform, archipelago, coast, islet, Stunning from any viewpoint, it is the two different shades of blue punctuated by the lush emerald green that makes Bora Bora so captivating.

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