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You don’t have to scratch your head looking for reasons to visit the Seychelles. This stunning archipelago of tropical islands lying in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa is a vacationer’s dream. Uninhabited until the arrival of French settlers in the late 18th century, the Seychelles draws visitors from all over the world (especially honeymooners) who come to bask in the glories of stunning natural scenery, interesting wildlife and a fascinatingly multi-cultural society. Here’s the most convincing reasons to visit The Seychelles.

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Beaches The secluded beaches of Seychelles with the soft white sand and the clear water provide the best beach experience you can imagine. The ‘Anse Source d’Argent,’ with its giant granite boulder formations and swaying palms, is easily a contender for the best beach in the world, while the Baie Lazarre and Beau Vallon aren’t far behind either. The beaches alone are among the best reasons to visit the Seychelles.



Sailing Sailing around the islands is a dream. The beautiful and unique palm trees on the Seychelles coastline are a view to behold! Praslin Island is one of the two places in the world that boast the incredible coco de mer palm trees. Sailing past the trees and taking in the view is an experience that every adventurer must have once in life! And if that is not enough, try parasailing too (or instead). Imagine the adrenaline rush you’ll get when parasailing over the Indian Ocean with the open skies as your highway and the cool wind rushing past you.



Diving The six marine national parks in the Seychelles boast a variety of marine life, including rare hawksbill turtles, whale sharks and thousands of tropical fish. There are different areas to go diving to experience the marine life firsthand. Perhaps the one that you must experience is the Shark Bank diving spot. This is where you will get the opportunity to weave through boulders to see stingrays, puffer fish and even a sunken tanker!


Hiking and Biking

Hiking and Biking Not all the action happens at the beach or on/in the ocean, and active travelers will find other jolly good reasons to visit the Seychelles. As a hiker, you will have a number of options. Morne Seychellois National Park is not only home to the coastal mangrove forests but is also home to the highest peak in Seychelles. Hence, there are enough trails for hikers whose experience is made even more exciting with the sporadic appearances of wild ginger, vanilla and cinnamon along the trail. The Seychelles has something for everyone and bicycle lovers are no different. The island of La Digue has only one surfaced road and that is ideal for a cyclist to explore the place on bike!


Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna The richness and wealth of the Seychelles in terms of its wildlife cannot be doubted. The Vallee de Mai on the island of Praslin hosts breathtaking banks of palm trees where a large number of rare birds and animals live, including blue pigeons, black parrots and blue geckos. The giant turtles at Silhouette Island are a treat to watch but even better are the coral reeds in the same area. The Morne Seychellois National Park plays host to some great plantations and wildlife which enrich your visit to the islands.



Cuisine One of the delicious reasons to visit the Seychelles is its diverse cuisine, which means you can enjoy flavors ranging from the spicy Indian and African to the delightful English and French Cuisine, not to forget the range of Chinese dishes on offer if you have the appetite! Wash down the delectable dishes with Seybrew, a Bavarian-style beer brewed in the islands, or partake of the local favorite, dark Takamaka rum, which is made in the island capital, Mahé.



Culture Today the 115 islands of the Seychelles are inhabited by multi-cultural societies and it is this diversity in customs and traditions that makes the islands beautiful, not that Mother Nature left any stone unturned to help make this place a paradise on earth. From old colonial to modern tourist attractions and entertainments, there’s always plenty to see and do. It is no wonder that people returning from a holiday at the islands find excuses and reasons to visit the Seychelles again and again!

The Seychelles is definitely one of the tropical destinations I’d love to visit. Have any of our readers been?

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