7 Tours for Book Lovers ...

Tours for book lovers combine two passions effortlessly – a thirst for travel and an appreciation of a good story. A good vacation should always tell a story anyway, but while you’re writing your own plot, with tours for book lovers some of your other literary predilections can be satisfied. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Melbourne - Literary Markets and Historical Sites

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You probably didn’t know this, but Australia’s “cultural capital” has been named a Unesco City of Literature. With historic libraries and sites for the literaties, as well as an abundance of book markets, tours for book lovers can either be self-guided or organized. The Literary Tour of Melbourne is one of the organized options, which will take you snaking through hidden arcades and alleyways on an adventure of discovery. If you decide to self-guide, you might want to stop off in the book-lover’s paradise that is the State Library of Victoria. The library, built in the 1800s, houses La Trobe room, where a myriad of famous writers' quotes cover every inch of the walls. And don’t miss the Saturday book market, located in Federation Square, where you can scour the stalls for your favorite authors...or find new ones to idolize.

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