7 Inviting Reasons to Visit Istanbul ...


Reasons to visit Istanbul are not difficult to find. This fabulous city that straddles two continents (Europe and Asia) is the capital city of Turkey and is an absolute jewel. It is everything a capital city should be and the key reasons to visit Istanbul take in the incredible history that stretches from the birth of civilization to the modern day, an amazing heritage of art and architecture, a multi-ethnic and colorful culture and entertainments galore. I never need an excuse to go but here are my 7 Inviting Reasons to Visit Istanbul.

1. Tourist Friendly

The most basic of reasons to visit Istanbul is that is tourist heaven. It’s easy to navigate on foot, there are a mass of things to do in a relatively small area and the sights are a delight. Istanbul is a photographer’s paradise. The light is amazing most of the year, the street and its inhabitants are interesting, the neighborhoods authentic, it boasts an enviable sea front location and there are markets, museums, mosques et al galore.

Hotel Heaven
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