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Ever thought about visiting Australia but not sure whether it's the right destination? Whether it's for an adventure holiday or just to get away to somewhere peaceful and quiet, Australia has it all. It’s a huge, diverse country that has something for everyone and here are 10 reasons to visit Australia.

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Beaches, Beaches, Beaches

Australia is a large island surrounded by smaller islands and this means there are plenty of beaches to enjoy. The more active can hit the surf beaches such as Bells Beach in Victoria. For those who want to relax it is always possible to find a quiet long white beach to place a towel and enjoy the sun. Just remember to wear plenty of sunscreen!


Marine Water Sports

Australia is well-known for its surf but there are plenty of other water sports available. Try diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland (the largest coral reef in the world) where thousands of different fish and other sea life can be seen. On top of the water try skiing, wind-surfing, kite surfing, swimming..... There are plenty of options available in this reason to visit Australia.


Fresh Water Sports

For those whose reason to visit Australia involves Fresh Water Sports, don't let the fact that the middle of the continent is a desert be off-putting. There are plenty of rivers, lakes and streams to try white-water rafting, canoeing, skiing or swimming.


Winter Sports

Australia is a large continent with a variety of climates ranging from tropical in the north to a cooler temperate climate in the south. The southern States regularly receive snow in the winter months and there are snow fields open for skiing, snowboarding or just playing in the snow.


Day Trips

For the less active there are plenty of things to do that don't involve a lot of sport. The Eastern side of Australia is part of the migration route for whales so during the spring and summer, there are plenty of opportunities to see these magnificent creatures. Their smaller cousins, the dolphins visit the coast as well. There are also seals in the southern part of the continent.



Australia is famous for its unique animals. Koalas, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, dingoes - the list goes on. There are zoos and wildlife parks where these animals can be seen or outside of the cities spotlighting tours are often run to give visitors a chance to see these wonderful creatures in the wild.



Australia has a fantastic history both of the native Indigenous people who left their art on rocks and in caves all around the country to the fascinating history of Australia's first European settlers - the English convicts who were brought out here by force but made the 'island prison' their home. There are trips available in central Australia to view beautiful Indigenous art among fantastic scenery as well as tours around Australia's famous convict prisons - one of the most famous being Port Arthur in Tasmania.



The centre of Australia is a desert that has an incredible majesty but around the coast of Australia there are plenty of natural attractions to be seen. Waterfalls, salt lakes, mountains - the list is endless and all of them have their own unique beauty.


Culture and Food

Australia has a rich history and part of that is large-scale immigration during the early 20th century. As a result of this Australia has a strong culture of multiculturalism that influences everything from the buildings to the food. From old English pub food like sausages and potato mash to sushi, pizza or dhal, in larger towns and cities there is always a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. Being an island, Australia is well known for a vast range of seafood.



The population of Australia tends to stick to the coast and most of the larger towns and cities reflect this. The capital cities of each state are on the coast and usually contain a large proportion of younger citizens, due to the greater opportunities for work. There are always plenty of bars, nightclubs and other entertainment available. Australia has a casual culture and most young people here just want to relax and have fun in the sun, so if meeting new friendly people is a large part of your perfect holiday, the laid back lifestyle is a good reason to visit Australia.

Fun in the sun, fun in the surf or just plain fun fun fun can all be experienced on a holiday in Australia. These are just a few reasons to visit Australia - what is yours?

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I live in Australia and I can say that its beautiful, I recommend people visiting here!

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Sydney is my hometown & I think manly beach should be in there!

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