8 Things to do and See in Seattle ...

If you're looking for a fantastic city to visit, there are many things to do and see in Seattle. The city feels vibrant, healthy, relaxed and super environmentally-friendly. If you're up for some city activity and rural beauty, make a trip to the Northwest! It can get cold up there, so go prepared. Read on for eight great things to do and see in Seattle.

1. Space Needle

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One of the first things to do and see in Seattle is the famous Space Needle. Marked as a sign of great architecture, the Space Needle is a fantastic sight from all angles of the city: far away, right below and from up top! You can see the entire city, bayside and the famous Mt. Rainier - and take in everything that Seattle has to offer all at once. Plan to buy your ticket for a sunset or evening time, whichever view you prefer to see more! The actual ride up only takes about 40 seconds, but carve some time to chill out a bit once up top!

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