8 Things to do and See in Seattle ...


8 Things to do and See in Seattle ...
8 Things to do and See in Seattle ...

If you're looking for a fantastic city to visit, there are many things to do and see in Seattle. The city feels vibrant, healthy, relaxed and super environmentally-friendly. If you're up for some city activity and rural beauty, make a trip to the Northwest! It can get cold up there, so go prepared. Read on for eight great things to do and see in Seattle.

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Space Needle

Sky, Landmark, City, Cloud, Afterglow, One of the first things to do and see in Seattle is the famous Space Needle. Marked as a sign of great architecture, the Space Needle is a fantastic sight from all angles of the city: far away, right below and from up top! You can see the entire city, bayside and the famous Mt. Rainier - and take in everything that Seattle has to offer all at once. Plan to buy your ticket for a sunset or evening time, whichever view you prefer to see more! The actual ride up only takes about 40 seconds, but carve some time to chill out a bit once up top!


Chihuly Garden and Glass

Red, Tree, Architecture, Plant, World, A full museum of artist Dale Chihuly's glass sculptures and crushed-glass paintings, the Chihuly Garden and Glass is a beautiful view for anyone interested in art, beauty and form. I went in the evening, and absolutely fell in love while walking through the romantic glass garden and listening to nearby street side music from the Seattle Center. Read up on Chihuly's story before going, and you'll be even more interested! Think Alice and Wonderland come-alive...!


Kerry Park

Sky, Urban area, Daytime, City, Architecture, Kerry Park is a little viewpoint from the hills of a beautiful suburb in Seattle. It's great to see during the day, through fog or in the evening. You can see the Space Needle and Seattle below as if you're a bird in flight, just about to dip into the city. Take it all in, breath the fresh air and enjoy!


Elliott Bay Books

Building, Retail, Footwear, Bookselling, Aisle, For any true bookie or coffee-lover (uh, Seattle to a T!), Elliott Bay Books is the place to feel like a local Seattle-ite. Walk into the smell of old and new pages, brewing coffee, morning eggs and Sunday mimosas. It's places like this that made Seattle the city I always imagined it would be... and maybe you'll be enchanted, too!


A Speakeasy

Seattle has multiple speakeasies throughout the city! Commemorative of the '20s and the Prohibition Era, a speakeasy is a great spot to grab an old-fashioned drink and act like an old-time city gal. Dress up flapper-style if you like... and feel free to do your eye-makeup heavy - the lighting is usually pretty dark inside. Hey, it's a reason to make your beau go dapper for the night!


EMP Museum

Cartoon, Toy, Interior design, Animation, Fictional character, EMP stands for Experience Music Project. The EMP Music + Sci-fi + Pop Culture museum is fantastic fun. With rotating exhibits and tributes to musicians and pop culture of our past, the EMP will really get all of your senses going at once. For the museum-lover, or even not so, this museum is a total experience. Make the trip - it's worth it!


Original Starbucks

Automotive design, Vehicle, Car, Snapshot, Transport, For any true Starbucks-devotee, this is one stop you cannot miss! Get into the feel and stop in for your favorite! (Just expect a line!) And for real fun, see if you can spot the gold pig! Though rumored that the actual first Starbucks was in another building nearby, you can still see this replica near Pike's Place Market.


Pike's Place Market

Photograph, People, Street fashion, Snapshot, Street, Saved the best for last! Pike's Place Market is a fantastic experience, especially for the foodie or crafter in you! You'll see all the best of Seattle compiled into one awesome, festival-like adventure. See the fisherman, crafters, knitters, jewelers, painters and foodies, plus their craft. Get ready to try some samples... they are offered all along the way! Pike's Place is also a great place to grab some famous Seattle seafood clam chowder.

Pencil Seattle in to your travel plans, and you won't regret it! What else have you discovered in the city? Do share for all us Seattle-ites at heart!

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My husband and I are going to Seattle next year. We just got back from St. Louis, we went up the arch and got to view the city and the river! Beautiful! I cannot wait to check out the space needle!!!!

I don't know what Courtney is saying but they don't have voodoo doughnuts that's Portlands.

Hehe nothing is too cold for. Canadian. Ok. Maybe 1* fareineight starts to get chilly.

I absolutely love Seattle ❤️ The best city I ever been in

And also it is just Pike Place Market, not "Pike's" :)

Volunteer Park!

Ride a ferry to one of the local islands

I live in Seattle so a few things that I would suggest a tourist to see are the gum wall located right next to Pike Place Market, the Fremont Troll, and to do the underground city tour. All are really worth a visit, especially the underground city.

Voodoo donuts is a must

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