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I’m going to share with you some brilliant volunteer opportunities in South America. Many associate volunteering with third world countries in Africa and Asia, but every continent has countries with problems where volunteers are more than welcome and where even just a little effort can make such a difference. Even though you can volunteer at home, there is just something super special about going abroad and doing work of real help to people of another culture. Enjoy the experience of the lifetime with these volunteer opportunities in South America.

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Argentina - Volunteering with Underprivileged Youth

Argentina - Volunteering with Underprivileged Youth For ~£950/$1600, you can spend 4 weeks in Argentina, making a difference in the lives of underprivileged youth. In your work, you will aim to provide a safe and secure environment for children to interact with each other. You will be involved in the education and day-to-day care and support, in which these children are lacking. Volunteer opportunities in South America are also the chance to do some traveling. In your downtime, you can explore Buenos Aires, enjoying a culturally rich mix of European and Latin heritage. You can also participate in a Spanish language course.


Brazil - Creative Education

Brazil - Creative Education For ~£650/$1100 you can spend 3 weeks in Brazil, teaching creative education. In your work in the slums of Rio, you will teach art forms, such as dance, music and theater, to children aged between 6 and 15 years. The project’s aim is to provide a safe place for the poorest street children of the favelas to escape the streets and explore their creativity. In your downtime, you can dive into the amazing city of Rio, and enjoy the bustling nightlife. You can also take Portuguese language lessons.


Ecuador - Animal Rescue

Ecuador - Animal Rescue For ~£650/$1100 you can spend 2 weeks in Ecuador, working in an animal rescue and rehabilitation centre. In your work alongside the enthusiastic staff, you will care for illegally captured, injured and abused animals. Tasks include building and cleaning enclosures, preparing food, and monitoring and recording animal behavior. In your downtime, you can enjoy a stroll through the jungle, get to know the locals and take a Spanish language course.


This experience offers more than just a chance to work with exotic wildlife; it's an opportunity for personal growth and cultural exchange. You'll witness firsthand the impact of conservation efforts as many of these animals are rehabilitated and, when possible, released back into their natural habitats. Moreover, the connections you'll make with like-minded volunteers and dedicated local experts will be invaluable. Embrace the rich tapestry of Ecuadorian life and immerse yourself in a meaningful journey that will leave both you and the animals you aid forever changed.


Galapagos - Island Teaching

Galapagos - Island Teaching For ~£1,150/$2000 you can spend 2 weeks in the Galapagos, teaching English to island children. In your work you will provide children with the necessary language skills to survive in the tourism-driven economic environment of the Islands. The scarcity of teachers in the remote parts of the island will make you an invaluable asset. In your downtime, you can take some Spanish courses, hang out with the Galapagos Giant Tortoise and explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s renowned marine and wildlife diversity.


Peru - Support for Disabled Children

Peru - Support for Disabled Children For £400/$700 you can spend 14 days in Peru, making a true difference in the lives of Peruvian disabled children. In your work, you will help feed, wash and care for children with physical and mental disabilities. If you’d like, you can really make their day by also getting involved in their lessons. In your downtime, you can discover the history of Cusco, and explore this enthralling gateway to Machu Picchu.


Guatemala - after-school Volunteer

Guatemala - after-school Volunteer For £350/$550 you can spend 7 days in Guatemala, assisting in a successful after-school program, which helps at-risk children fight for a better future through education. In your work, you will teach computer classes, reading and writing, English classes and recreational activities to over 1000 children who come from poor coffee-growing families. In your downtime, you can explore the famous colonial city of Antigua, get to know the culture, improve your Spanish skills and make local, as well as international, friends.


Costa Rica - Sea Turtle Conservation

Costa Rica - Sea Turtle Conservation For £350/$550 you can spend 7 days in Costa Rica, helping in sea turtle conservation. In your work, you will help protect endangered sea turtles’ nests, thus improving the hatchlings’ chance for survival on Matapalo Beach. Volunteers use man-made turtle hatcheries to protect the eggs and join vigilant beach patrols to make sure they remain intact. Tasks include collecting data, counting and returning turtles to their hatcheries and working to maintain the area. In your downtime, you can take a surf lesson, sunbathe on Playa Matapalo’s famed beaches, visit nearby Manual Antonio National Park and enjoy a burst of brilliant sunset.

Which volunteer opportunities in South America (or anywhere else) appeal most to you? Would you like to work most with animals or people?

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Wow :) I feel so inspired! Thanks for this! Both humans and animals are important. Tough choice but since I'm a sociologist it's more appealing with humans but too bad the time at the different ones are so short. Do you have any idea if the stay and help out could be expanded?

Where can I find more information? I mean where can I enroll?

I think this is great! It's always something I wanted to do. Thank you for the information :-)

This is amazing! :) defiantly going to have to look into these more and find sometime to so this!

Its the first time I see this type of post, its awesome!

If you would read it through you'd realize it says Central and South America. My advise to you would be to know your facts before deciding to rude for no reason @alejandra

Wow would love to do this but alas life @ the moment is full of commitments but one day.... By Gods grace will do this!!!!!!

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