7 Bike-Friendly Cities for Two Wheeling Tourists ...

One of the trends in travel over the past few years I love is the increasing number of cycle lanes and cycle hire schemes, making for more and more bike-friendly cities. The advantages are numerous but to me, the most important are that cycle hire schemes are a green way of getting around and it is cheap. And, as well as some of the world’s great destinations becoming more conducive to sightseeing on a cycle, there are places that have been bike-friendly cities since year dot. If you want to take to two wheels on vacation, saddle up and ride along with me to check out a few bike-friendly cities.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

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Did you know that 30 percent of people in Denmark commute by bike? This means that the streets are designed to be friendly to tourists and locals travelling on two wheels. Steps are being taken to make the city even safer for cyclists, with the government building β€œbikeways” which will link the city with the suburbs. Copenhagen is one of the best bike-friendly cities as it is so easy to get from place to place, safely and quickly. In fact, leading the way for the whole country, 55 percent of people in Copenhagen get around by bike,

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