7 Modern Day Ruins with Curiosity Value ...

You may associate ruins with antiquity and with things like pyramids, stone circles and temples coming to mind but in fact, some modern day ruins have big curiosity factor and are just as beguiling as the worldโ€™s ancient sites. Modern day ruins are alluring in the same ways as the Coliseum, the Great Wall of China and the Parthenon. We visit because we want to see a marvel of construction and so we can, in our minds, step back in time to imagine what it was like before it was abandoned, what life was like, what part the site played and what stories does it have to tell. For modern day ruins, our imaginations donโ€™t have to travel back to the times of the Ancient Romans or conquering conquistadors, but that doesnโ€™t make a journey into the not-so-distant past any less worthwhile.

1. Aldwych Tube Station, London

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One of the most interesting modern day ruins, Aldwych Tube Station, was closed during WWII in order that it could serve as a storage facility for museum artifacts and as an air raid shelter. Located in Westminster, Aldwych, along with Londonโ€™s 17 other โ€œghost stations,โ€ has long been removed from the London Underground routes. When proposed expansions kept hitting dead ends, the station was shut down in 1994, as it was no longer profitable. Visitors can now discover this historical station with guided tours.

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