10 Top Fun Things to do in San Francisco ...


10 Top Fun Things to do in San Francisco ...
10 Top Fun Things to do in San Francisco ...

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…
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San Francisco is a wonderful place to visit. It lacks the monuments of other great cities – many of its previous great buildings have been destroyed by earthquake and fire. What it lacks in monuments and historical landmarks though is more than made up for by the atmosphere. This is one US city where anything goes and any eccentric is actually quite “normal”. If you’re planning a trip to the quirky West coast city, here are 10 Top Fun Things to Do in San Francisco.

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Ride the Trolley Bus

Hop on a cable car and enjoy the sights and sounds that San Francisco has to offer! Great views, meet other tourists, and a great way to get to know the general area. You will hear the bells clanging as you motor up and down and across the hills and valleys of San Francisco. Stop at some great tourists spots along the way or simply keep them in mind for later. Either way, a cable car ride is a must have in San Fran!


San Francisco Zoo

If you’re an animal lover one of the best things to do in San Francisco is to take a trip to the Zoo. The San Francisco Zoo is home to more than two hundred species of animals and is an icon of the city. Walk around, meet and greet with the animals, stop and enjoy a light lunch at the Lemur Café, learn and be inspired all at the same time!


Alcatraz Tour

Beautiful scenery, but a creepy history, this tour is an educational and informative tour that is well worth the bucks. Cross the waters to the island then enjoy an audio or guided tour around the old penal blocks where the likes of Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly were once incarcerated.


Fisherman’s Wharf

For fun things to do in San Francisco for all the family head to Fisherman’s Wharf. Great places to shop, browse, and have a delicious, fresh seafood lunch by the sea. The Wharf is full of culture and history; explore the old ships and boats at Hyde Pier or learn the background of the city at the local museum, and more


Golden Gate Bridge

This world renown city icon, is a must see. It is one of the longest suspension spanning bridges in the World, with a length of 4200 ft . The Golden Gate Bridge has also become a Hollywood icon and can be recognized in a wide variety of movie productions and TV series.

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The “Crookedest Street” in the World

It might not sound like one of the 10 top fun things to do in San Francisco, but is sure worth the look. This section of “crookedness” can be found between the streets of Hyde and Leavenworth. It is a section of street, about a quarter mile long, that is switch back to the tilt, but beautiful all the same and provides a low cost, affordable afternoon of entertainment and activity. The maximum speed limit for vehicles on this section of street is 5 miles or 8 km per hour.


Golden Gate Park

What a beautiful place to spend the afternoon; a park like oasis in the middle of the city. Enjoy an ice cream as you stroll along the lake, and watch the street vendors and entertainers. There is also a herd of buffalo to be found, and a flower conservatory. For more information about Golden Gate Park click here golden-gate-park.com


Union Square

A true shopper’s delight! Union Square is known as the “heartbeat” of San Francisco. Find a score of high end boutiques such as bebe, Couture, Chanel, and more! There are also exclusive fine dining establishments, and lounges. It might not be on your partner’s list of fun things to do in San Francisco but this is a great place to treat yourself or spend a day pampering yourself with a wide array of spas and beauty parlors available.


Wine Tasting/ Napa Wine Tours

Famous for its production of exquisite tasting wine grapes, Napa Valley in a must do for any and all wine drinkers out there! Enjoy a city tour, light lunch, and some great wine, what better way to spend an afternoon?


Broadway Area or China Town

San Francisco has many different unique cultural districts. Two I would recommend checking out are: Broadway Area, which is their version of their “little Italy.” Lots of Italian inspired cafes, delis, and vendors, or the Chinatown Area, which rings true to its name, with pagoda style architecture, temples, and Asian cuisine and cultural one can immerge themselves in this “little city within a city.”

That completes my list of 10 Top Fun Things to Do in San Francisco. It’s a fabulous city to visit there are plenty more things to do besides these 10. It’s cosmopolitan and cultured, strange and alluring, recognizable but surprising and fascinatingly beautiful with a tiniest hint of danger. If you happen to live in the city or a devoted visitor, I hope you agree with the list and if you’re going to be visiting for the first time, try as many of the fun things to do in San Francisco as you possibly can.

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This has to be the worst, most boring list of things to do in San Francisco ever. Seriously recommending the most boring, touristy things to do points to a lack of research. One of these things isn't even in San Francisco. Did the author run out of fun things to do so quickly they needed to travel hours outside of the city for something else?

Wheeee !! Def gonna try these. Im going to move to Sf soon!

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