7 Things to do in NYC ...


7 Things to do in NYC ...
7 Things to do in NYC ...

I have never been to NYC, but oh how I would love to go, because there are so many fun and interesting things to do in NYC. And the wide variety of cultures you will find there is just extraordinary! If you ever get the chance to visit, there a few things you MUST make time to do! New York City may not be the ideal spot for a relaxing vacation, but it's great for sightseeing and running around. Do you love the city life? Well, this article is for you! Keep on reading for my list of 7 things to do in NYC and please comment below with your own suggestions and advice!

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Statue of Liberty

You absolutely CANNOT go to NYC without seeing our Lady Liberty. I am patriotic to the core, so that would be the first thing on my list! My grandfather and dad both served in our military, and my husband is currently enlisted. So you can imagine why the Statue of Liberty has such a huge meaning for me. I love everything that she stands for and symbolizes. Seeing the Statue of Liberty is one of the best things to do in NYC!


Visit Chinatown

Take some time to head over to Chinatown and get a taste of another culture! You will enjoy all the bright colors, the sights, and smells. And the good food! Some authentic Chinese food will be just the thing you need after a hard day of vacationing. Make sure to pick up some unique souvenirs as a reminder of your fabulous day in Chinatown!


Ride in a Taxi

This may seem silly to you, but I think it would be so cool to ride in a taxi! An honest to goodness, real YELLOW taxi! I've ridden in taxis before, but not the NYC, hail-a-cab-on-the-street, yellow kind of taxis. Besides, taxis are so "New York." If you find yourself there, this is one of the things to do in NYC. Do it for me!


Go to a Broadway Show

I'm big into acting, so of course I would love to see a real Broadway show! I've been in several plays and skits before, and even seen a few big productions, but nothing that could compare to a Broadway show. So if you plan to vacation in the Big Apple, going to a Broadway is one of the best activities to do in NYC. You don't want to miss it!


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Are you big into art and museums? Then the Metropolitan Museum of Art is most definitely one of the things to do in the city! It is the largest encyclopedic art museum in the world under a single roof! Art works from all periods and cultures are displayed, so you can only imagine the vast selections you will have to enjoy. Make sure you have plenty of time to walk through and see everything you want, you may not get this opportunity ever again!


Central Park

Central Park, the famous park! Your visit to NYC should include a stroll through the beautiful gardens of Central Park! You can start anywhere you like. And it's huge! Check out the local artists and their wares. Head over to the zoo. Or just enjoy a leisurely stroll and some people watching!


Empire State Building

Ever since I saw Sleepless in Seattle with Meg Ryan, I have wanted to go to the Empire State Building. It seems so romantic and exciting! But more than that, there is a long and rich history behind the Empire State Building, which you will learn when you visit! You and your family will both enjoy the bird's eye view of NYC if you go to visit the Empire State Building!

New York City is certainly filled with so many things to do, I could never mention them all! If you ever get the chance to visit, I hope you get to do everything on my list of 7 things to do in NYC plus more! I would love to get the chance to visit New York City. Have YOU ever been to the Big Apple?

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RT TravelTuesday: What are your favorite things to do and see when in NYC? (via Twitter)

Once again - I'd also go to Guggenheim. :D

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