8 Wondrous Waterfalls to Be Amazed by ...


8 Wondrous Waterfalls to Be Amazed by ...
8 Wondrous Waterfalls to Be Amazed by ...

Wondrous Waterfalls are just some of the geographical features of our world truly are breathtaking. From increbile rift valleys that split and divide the landscape to coral reef islands that disappear at high tide, from tropical rain forests where trees grow so high they brush the sky to expansive grasslands and deserts where you can travel for days without seeing anybody else – our world is truly spectacular. I have to confess to being very much a water baby. I love the ocean, rivers and even the local municipal pool. Even my favorite animals are marine species (penguins and dolphins). This is why I am so drawn to waterfalls -- and there are many wondrous waterfalls. Waterfalls have always been popular tourist attractions, as well as providing aesthetic pleasure; they also offer leisure activity opportunities to the more energetic traveler. Here are 8 **Wondrous Waterfalls **to be Amazed By.

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Niagara Falls

Probably the most famous wondrous waterfall to be amazed by of them all; not one but three beautiful waterfalls clustered together on the border between North America and Canada. Comprising the American Falls, Canadian Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, Niagara is a major tourist attraction and has helped to boost the region’s economy for many years. Of course, it is also a popular area for honeymooners and features in a ton of movies.


Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls provides visitors with different experiences at different times of the year but whenever you visit, you will never, ever forget ‘the smoke that thunders’. This is another wondrous waterfall that is situated on a border; Victoria Falls are between Zimbabwe and Zambia and is the largest curtain of water anywhere in the world. Although you are absolutely guaranteed to hear the waterfall, you can’t always see it due to the spray coming off the cascading water. Victoria Falls is so huge that it is responsible for its own mini rainforest eco system which also supports abundant wild life and is truly one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have.


Angel Falls

Record breaking Angel Falls definitely a waterfall to be amazed by. It is located in Venezuela and was discovered by an American pilot called Jimmy Angel, in 1937. The falls are situated in a jungle and are not easy to reach, but despite the practical difficulties of getting there, they are still one of Venezuela's top tourist attractions. Angel Falls is not only the tallest waterfall in the world, but also the world’s tallest single drop and one of the eight natural wonders of the world. The waterfall is mesmerizing just to look at but there are some wonderful natural pools to cool down in after your long hike to get there.


Dettifoss Waterfall

Dettifoss waterfall is situated in Northeast Iceland and in terms of volume of water is the largest waterfall in Europe. The waterfall can be reached from either direction but there are no facilities on the west side and the view is often obscured by spray. The best way to access the falls is from the east which also offers the best views and an information point.


Helmcken Waterfall

Situated in a Provincial Park on the Murtle River in Canada is the Helmcken Waterfall, which is most certainly one of the most wondrous waterfalls you'll ever see. It has long been popular with tourists due to its beauty and because it is reasonably easy to reach. It may be that you will prefer to visit this one during the winter months when a 60m high ice cone forms at the base and makes it even more spectacularly attractive.


Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls are situated just a short journey from Cebu in the Philippines and are so beautiful they are credited with an increase in tourism to the area, after word of them first spread overseas. There are 3 tiered waterfalls which cascade into turquoise pools which have been formed by volcanic rocks. You can swim in the fresh water or climb the waterfall and the higher you go the more outstanding the scenery becomes.


Iguaza Waterfall

No longer just one waterfall, Iguaza waterfall is a whole series of cascades which have been divided by various islands. They are all the result of a crack in the earth left in both Argentina and Brazil by a huge volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. There are about 275 falls in all and they are surrounded by national park which hosts endangered species of both fauna and flora. The span and the setting combined easily make this one of the most wondrous waterfalls.


Yosemite Falls

Last but by no means least, we come full circle back to North America and the fabulous Yosemite falls in the Yosemite National Park. The falls are at their most interesting in spring when the snow is melting and they are at their liveliest! Yosemite Falls are in a stunning environment and easily accessible to all.

Waterfalls are a true wonder of nature, so no wonder there are so many wondrous waterfalls. There is something magnetic about the plunge of water over a rocky edge into a shimmering pool below. The higher, the wider and the bigger they are, the more the capacity for amazement. They are a true beauty of the world’s geography and they will continue to mesmerize us for generations to come. I will be forever captivated by these Wondrous Waterfalls – will you? Let us know which you think are the most wondrous waterfalls in the world.

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Iguazu also has an amazing advantage... You can visit both Brazil AND Argentina while you're there. :)

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