9 Amazing Places to Go Bungee Jumping ...


9 Amazing Places to Go Bungee Jumping ...
9 Amazing Places to Go Bungee Jumping ...

Bungee jumping is the ultimate adrenalin rush adventure. Bungee jumping actually used to be a rite of passage for youths on Pentecost Island in Vanuatu, but these days, it has developed into a recreational sport for fearless people. Here are 9 Amazing Places to go Bungee Jumping.

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The Pipeline Bungee, New Zealand

The Pipeline Bungee, New Zealand New Zealand is probably the adrenaline sports capital of the world, and it has some amazing places to go bungee jumping. One of the most spectacular is the Pipeline which is a suspension bridge over the Shotrover River. The raging river adds to the excitement of the 335ft jump, as you have to hang above the waters before you are caught in a boat to be taken to shore.


Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe The glory of the Victoria Falls is an astounding example of the sheer force and absolute awe inspiring aspect that is Mother Nature. And there simply cannot be another place in the world to dive off a bungee bridge, like you find here along the banks of the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. The enormous sound of the crashing falls is what you hear first, as you hurtle off the 364 foot jump, and as the spray from the falls reach you, you know you have arrived.


Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, USA

Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, USA One of the places to go bungee jumping with the highest drops is Royal Gorge Bridge. The incredible height of this bungee jump, 1053 ft/321m, is what makes this a favourite spot. This breath taking bridge is perched right over the resplendent Arkansas River, and the Royal Gorge Railway. If you can’t stomach the actually bungee dive, then just take a stunning walk across the river, along the planked boardwalk.


Ponte Colossus, Italy

Ponte Colossus, Italy Hurtling down this 500ft drop will require nerves of steel as you plummet at more than 100km/hr off of the bridge, down to the valley below. For avid bungee jumping enthusiasts, this 350m bridge is an intoxicating site. If you can keep it together for the 4.5 seconds for the first part of the fall, the rest will be a breeze.


Macau Tower, China

Macau Tower, China One of Macau’s biggest entertainment attractions for locals and visitors alike is the sky scraping Macau Tower. Reaching 338m up into the sky, the tower offers a bungee jumping platform for the most intrepid adventure seeker. With a platform or observations deck for those who would prefer not to launch themselves down the 764ft drop, you can grab a drink and watch the crazy people do the job for you.


Colorado River, Costa Rica

Colorado River, Costa Rica Grab the opportunity to dive more than 278 feet right over the cavernous river gorge below. Look down on fishermen who have their feet firmly planted in the ground as they look up to see the whites of the bungee jumpers’ eyes as they bob all over the place connected to their bungee ropes.


Corinth Canal, Greece

Corinth Canal, Greece During the balmy summer months, enthusiastic bungee jumpers head out to the connecting canal between the Peloponnese and the mainland of Greece. One of the places for bungee jumping that is time-restricted, you only get to dive between two towering gorge cliff sides during the summer.


The Last Resort, Nepal

The Last Resort, Nepal Perched over the glorious rushing Bhote Kosi River, the bungee jump site is on the longest suspension bridge in Nepal. At first glance the gorge appears intimidating, but as you glide for a few moments in free fall above the lush valley, the captivating charm of the untamed wilderness below hits you right between the eyes.


Graskop Gorge, South Africa

Graskop Gorge, South Africa South Africa is famed for its incredible scenery and wild life, and Graskip Gorge is no exception. Sweep over the entire gorge in one glorious rush, at an awe inspiring height reaching over 19 stories high. If you can manage to keep your eyes open, you will catch a glimpse of the gorgeous beauty in the gorge.

Bungee jumping may not be for the faint hearted, but it can be one of the most incredible experiences. Some say that their bungee jump changed their life forever. Which one of these 9 Amazing Places to go Bungee Jumping would you choose?

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