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It is an island nation in the Indian Ocean and a favorite among honeymooners, but there are plenty of other reasons to visit Mauritius than to celebrate your love. Going solo, as a couple or a family, Mauritius will seduce you with its tropical gorgeousness. Its beaches and waters will romance you, its historic sites will enthrall you, its culinary delights will tempt you, and its cultural diversity will captivate you. How? Because of these reasons to visit Mauritius!

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The Beaches

The Beaches When pondering what there is to do on this beautiful island, the beaches certainly rank highly on the list of reasons to visit Mauritius. Destinations such as Trou aux Biches and Île aux Cerfs offer stunningly clear water and pristine white sand, in addition to a load of great water sports and activities, including swimming, diving, fishing and snorkelling. If you’re more into relaxing however, the beaches are also great place to grab a drink and work on your tan.


The Climate

The Climate One of the main attractions of Mauritius is definitely its amazing tropical climate. The warm humid summer months and the cooler, dryer winter period are both amazing times to visit, and mean that the island caters to all travelers, irrespective of their weather preference. Holidaymakers can also choose between staying on the coast or in the islands highlands, which may affect the weather they experience, as the highlands are said to be roughly 5 degrees cooler and much wetter.


The Horse Racing

The Horse Racing Horse racing may seem like a strange pastime on a tropical island, although the Sunday thoroughbred horse races in Mauritius’s Port Louis manage to draw approximately 30,000 people every week during the race season (March to December). The Champ de Mars Racecourse, which hosts the races, is also one of the interesting places to visit in Mauritius as it is said to be the second oldest horse racing club in the world.


The Golf

The Golf Mauritius is home to a number of great golf courses, which cater to everything from novice players to seasoned professionals. The prestigious golfing destinations of Le Prince Maurice and Belle Mare Plage in the island’s north-east however, are without question, two of the must-play golfing attractions of Mauritius. These establishments not only offer holidaymakers first class golf courses, which are operated by golfing professionals, they also provide guests with luxurious extras such as specialised golf massages before and after games.


The History and Culture

The History and Culture The historical and cultural attractions of Mauritius are many and varied, owing to the fact that the island’s inhabitants come from numerous different backgrounds, including Dutch, African, Chinese and Indian, just to name a few. Some of the island’s most popular historical and cultural attractions however,are the Mauritius Botanical Gardens, which are said to be the oldest botanical gardens in the Southern Hemisphere; the National History Museum, the Blue Penny Museum and the Stamp Museum in Port Louis; the Hindu holy site of Grand Bassin; and the island’s largest residence, the Euroka Creole House in Moka, which also contemporarily acts as a museum.

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To give oneself earnestly to the duties due to men, and, while respecting spiritual beings, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.


The Natural Attractions

The Natural Attractions Mauritius is home to a myriad of extremely beautiful natural areas, including national parks, small offshore island habitats and stunning waterfalls. Some of the most popular natural attractions of Mauritius are: the breath-taking Charmarel Park, which is something of a geological curiosity, owing to the multi-colored earth in the area; the 605 meter extinct volcano of Trou aux Cerfs, which offers a great view of the surrounding landscape, as well as into its own 85 meter deep volcanic crater; the stunning coral island destination of Ile aux Aigrettes, which plays host to some of the planet’s rarest avian species; and Alexandra Waterfall, an amazing 152 meter waterfall, situated in the Black River Gorges National Park.


The Luxury Accommodation

The Luxury Accommodation Holidaymakers searching for a luxurious romantic getaway need look no further than Mauritius, as the island plays host to some of the most amazing luxury accommodation in the world. A great example of the prestigious destinations available to travelers is the Le Prince Maurice Hotel (which is also home to the Le Prince Maurice Golf Course). Such hotels not only offer amazing rooms and restaurants, but they also provide guests with indulgences such as health spas, the opportunity to take dive lessons on premises, and a children’s club to keep the whole family happy.

Are you convinced by the reasons to visit Mauritius? Better get saving those pennies then!

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My folks are from there - I miss it too However, there are many cost effective places to stay, so a holiday there need not be so prohibitive.

I am from there and it's beautiful. Miss the island life sometimes. Thanks for this article. :)

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