7 Places to Holiday like Royalty ...

Okay, so you might never emulate Grace Kelly or Katherine Middleton and marry your prince, but you can dream of places to holiday like royalty. Sure, you can book in for a stay at one of the world’s most luxurious hotels (remember some are even rated 6 star these days) but how about a stunning private mansion instead? In these places to holiday like royalty, you really will be cosseted in the lap of luxury, your every whim (home-wise) catered for.

1. Villa Di Bagnolo, near Florence, Tuscany, Italy

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The manor house of an olive oil and wine estate, Villa de Bagnolo dates back to the 18th century. It offers picturesque views of the region from its location on a hilltop. Inside, the large bright rooms are furnished with eye-catching antiques that will astound you. With comfortable places for reading or relaxing and a sweeping lawn leading to a large infinity pool, the place has all you want in a holiday destination. With the addition of two all-weather tennis courts, the villa is among the best places to holiday like royalty in Italy.

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