7 Places to Holiday like Royalty ...


7 Places to Holiday like Royalty ...
7 Places to Holiday like Royalty ...

Okay, so you might never emulate Grace Kelly or Katherine Middleton and marry your prince, but you can dream of places to holiday like royalty. Sure, you can book in for a stay at one of the world’s most luxurious hotels (remember some are even rated 6 star these days) but how about a stunning private mansion instead? In these places to holiday like royalty, you really will be cosseted in the lap of luxury, your every whim (home-wise) catered for.

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Villa Di Bagnolo, near Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Villa Di Bagnolo, near Florence, Tuscany, Italy The manor house of an olive oil and wine estate, Villa de Bagnolo dates back to the 18th century. It offers picturesque views of the region from its location on a hilltop. Inside, the large bright rooms are furnished with eye-catching antiques that will astound you. With comfortable places for reading or relaxing and a sweeping lawn leading to a large infinity pool, the place has all you want in a holiday destination. With the addition of two all-weather tennis courts, the villa is among the best places to holiday like royalty in Italy.


The Bay Estate, near Kerasia, Corfu, Greece

The Bay Estate, near Kerasia, Corfu, Greece This luxurious villa sits close to the long beach at Kerasia and the harbor village of Saint Stephano. You will find a small beach house at the foot of the property that acts as your private access to the beach because the only other access is by boat. Along with your own private beach, the cool marble floors, awesome chandeliers, a swimming pool set into a terrace, and even a private chef, the Bay Estate is a dream.


Frankfort on the Beach, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Frankfort on the Beach, Ocho Rios, Jamaica This one is a 17th-century historic fortress that has been restored in a remarkable fashion to a six-bedroom home and is among the best places to holiday like royalty in the Caribbean. Sir Harold and Lady Mary Mitchell had for decades been host to a number of famous guests at Frankfort: Sir Winston Churchill, Prince Edward, Queen Mary, Henry Kissinger, and Noel Coward are among the few VIPs that have enjoyed the elegant hospitality of Frankfort on the Beach and signed their names in the guest book. Sun yourself on the 80-foot veranda overlooking the silver-white sand and the offshore reef while you tuck into hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.


Bormes Les Mimosas, Cote D’Azur, France

Bormes Les Mimosas, Cote D’Azur, France If you love history, this is a place you want to spend a lot of time at. Sainte Catherine de Sienne embarked from here on her journey to convince Pope Gregory XI to leave Avignon and return the papal seat to Rome. Surrounded by 300 acres of fragrant pine forest, the Bormes Les Mimosas is so beautiful and welcoming that any princess will be at home. Spend the day in the Jacuzzi pool overlooking the landscaped gardens and then retire to a secluded area to dine like royalty with a floodlit view of the grounds.


Roshven House, Lochailort, Scotland

Roshven House, Lochailort, Scotland If there’s one country where there are places you can holiday like royalty in abundance, it is Scotland. Many large houses in Scotland are called castles and after all, this is the place where the British Royal Family holiday every summer. (And, it’s where Madonna married Guy Ritchie and if she’s not pop royalty, who is?) Roshven House (oh, it’s not called a castle!) is where you can arise from your four-poster bed to throw the curtains open to a view across the bay and maybe spot seals, otters, and basking sharks, or watch the deer on the forest’s edge. Spend the day absorbing the glorious natural beauty before returning to the elegant dining room for a feast of delicious local produce.

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Villa Tasca, Palermo, Sicily

Villa Tasca, Palermo, Sicily Sicilian luxury doesn’t get better than this. Villa Tasca is an 18th-century aristocratic edifice that is known for some history of its own. A grand staircase takes you to the main floor, which is decorated with majolica tiles that were created by the celebrated master Attanasio in 1777. It also boasts Persian carpets and ornate Venetian glassware. The famous composer Richard Wagner completed Parsifal while staying at the Villa Tasca in 1881.


Dar Arbala, Marrakech, Morocco

Dar Arbala, Marrakech, Morocco With a breathtaking view of the Atlas Mountains from a rooftop terrace, Dar Abala is set in 3.5 acres of beautifully landscaped tropical gardens. This stunning 6 roomed Moroccan villa is 28 km away from the vibrant city of Marrakech – far enough to be secluded; close enough for a cultural or entertainment fix. The expansive living space oozes luxury and includes a tennis court, gym, and spa. At Dar Arbala you get all the service and convenience of a hotel stay, with staff who live in a spate accommodation on the property, and all the comfort of a glamorous home.

Whether it’s a 6* hotel or a private castle, the places to holiday like royalty might be beyond our means, but they aren’t beyond our dreams. Where would you go to find your inner princess?

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