8 Superb Reasons to Visit Switzerland ...

By Neecey

8 Superb Reasons to Visit Switzerland ...

Reasons to visit Switzerland are definitely all-encompassing. From the ground breaking architecture and modern art to the über-efficient public transport, glorious lakeside scenery, sports and outdoor activities and spas you will never want to leave. Whatever your reason to visit Switzerland is, make sure you that you get the most out of your time in this beautiful country. The more you see of it, the more excuses you will find of your own to return to this stunning country time after time. Here’s 8 Superb Reasons to Visit Switzerland:

1 Basel Art

One of the most long standing contemporary art shows in the world is held in Basel each June but the city also has other cultural jewels such as the collections at the Fondation Beyeler which are bursting with Bacons, Monets and Picassos and the Kunstmuseum is well worth a visit as well. Crossing over the nearby German border into Riehen offers you opportunities to visit the Vitra Design Museum and Gotheanum. The intensity and unique nature of the art in this area is every culture vulture’s dream come true and should be high on your list of reasons to visit Switzerland.

2 Water

There are so many rivers and lakes in Switzerland that there is always one close at hand, and just like everything else, the Swiss keep this natural resource sparklingly clean. Even in the city centres, Swiss rivers are inviting with Zurich alone having almost 20 separate bathing spots. Punting is more popular in Bern and Basel with many locals commuting to work this way.

3 Zermatt

The resort of Zermatt on the slopes of the Matterhorn is now an all year round, high-end resort and quite the place to see and be seen, with many celebrities having found it to be their prime reason to visit Switzerland. One of the most desirable hotels in Zermatt is the Backstage. The ultra-kitsch boutique style rooms have been designed to sit atop transparent boxes, and there is also a stylish cinema complete with chandeliers. The exterior bucks the alpine trend of pine balconies, choosing a chrome and glass instead.

4 Architecture

Despite the unfortunate traditions of yodeling, cowbells and alpenhorns, the Swiss are right at the top of ground breaking architecture and design. Not restricted to constructing these glorious buildings in the towns and cities, these landmarks of today can be found on mountainsides and other seemingly arbitrary locations. The discovery of an ultramodern building amidst forests and fields is an incongruous experience and another reason to visit Switzerland.

5 Spa Oases

The Swiss have been fans of aqua health treatments since the beginning of time and the abundance of warm water springs throughout the country means that a visit to a spa is nothing new. One of the most compelling reasons to visit Switzerland is the sumptuous luxury of the new wave of high end wellness centers that are now opening and offer a whole range of treatments to locals and visitors alike.

6 Helvetia

Helvetia is the sunniest area of Switzerland and the warm climate and largely remote rural topography has led to a laid back life style which is perfect for relaxing holidays. The natural flora and fauna of the area is different to that found in the rest of the country and the stunning botanical garden on an island in the middle of Lake Maggiore is an oasis of perfection which offers an ideal escape from the real world and another reason to visit Switzerland.

7 Public Transport

If part of your reason to visit Switzerland is to leave the car at home, their efficient transport system will not let you down. Not only do buses and trains turn up and depart on time but they are also fully integrated with each other and operate with a co-operation that is enviable. Although rural areas are obviously less easy to access than the major towns and cities, the mind bogglingly comprehensive network is more than capable of getting you wherever you want to go.

8 Crowd Free Skiing

If you like to ski in peace, then head to the traditional resorts of Val D’Anniviers, Adelboden and Andermatt. Undisturbed by the busy pistes and bars of more glamorous resorts, the plentiful powder of this area along with the weathered barns and picturesque chalets make these resorts, ski destinations with a difference.

These are just a few of my reasons to visit Switzerland but there are dozens more; the fresh air, appreciation of a natural way of life and great life work balance make the Swiss people delightful to be around. Best of all it is easy to get there with plenty of airports and major transport links, so whether you are looking for an annual holiday or quick pick me up, make the trip soon and you’ll create a full list of reasons to visit Switzerland of your very own.

Top Photo Credit: John & Tina Reid

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I really enjoyed your post, since I'm from Switzerland :) The Gotheanum actually isn't in Germany, but in Dornach, a small village approximately 25 car minutes from Basel (next to the village where I live ;) ) And do you mean the canton Ticino (or Tessin in German) by Helvetia? Ticino really is the nicest place in Switzerland, you should visit it if you come to Switzerland :D


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