7 of America's Best Kept Travel Secrets ...

If you want to steer clear of tourist crowds or just want to see what else there is besides all the major attractions, America’s best kept travel secrets are calling to you. These are the places known to locals or those travel blog writers who specialize in seeking out off the beaten track attractions and places to go. If I were one of the latter, these would make my list of America’s best kept travel secrets.

1. The Best Secret Beaches

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You've heard of the famous beaches, like Waikiki Beach or Venice Beach, but there are wonderful beaches that are a little more serene and certainly less crowded, and are some of America’s best kept travel secrets. Observe a large variety of wildlife at Caladesi Beach, Florida, accessible only by private boat or ferry. See purple sand at Pfeiffer Beach in California, caused by manganese garnet particles that wash down the hillside. Walk along the pebbles at Orient Beach in New York and find yourself at the Long Beach Bar Lighthouse. Rugged Ruby Beach in Washington has unusual rock outcroppings that seem somewhat other-worldly.

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