20 Jaw-Dropping Sights to See in Britain for Girls Planning a Trip across the Pond ...


20 Jaw-Dropping Sights to See in Britain for Girls Planning a Trip across the Pond ...
20 Jaw-Dropping Sights to See in Britain for Girls Planning a Trip across the Pond ...

I love my homeland. Britain may be a small country but it is beautiful and I never tire of its gorgeous views. Many Brits feel exactly the same way. Samsung undertook a survey of more than 2,500 people who chose their favorite view and compiled the results. Popsugar.co.uk very kindly shared the results. Here are the 20 best views in Britain. I hope it makes you want to come pay a visit.

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Kings College, Cambridge

The University buildings at Cambridge are stunning, but it was Kings College that made it into the top 20, and specifically the view of it from the River Cam.

Cambridge is a relatively small town that can be easily explored from any base, but we particularly love the Tamburlaine Hotel on Station Road.
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Bournemouth Pier and Beach

A day at the seaside is a national past-time, so it's no wonder a beach made it onto the list. Bournemouth's pier and beach, to be precise.

British seaside is a thing of natural beauty, and Bournemouth has just the right amount of tradition and modern functionality. The Wessex Hotel boats both indoor and outdoor pools and is right by all the key attractions.
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Seven Sisters, Sussex

The seven chalk cliffs lining the coast in Sussex, named the Seven Sisters, were another coastal highlight in the top 20.

A quaint location like this deserves an equally quaint but wonderful place to stay, and the Pilot Inn nearby is the perfect choice.
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Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland

Britain is home to several amazing castles, and it was the view of Bamburgh Castle from the coast that impressed the most.

Hillcrest House is wonderful little bed and breakfast spot, almost something of a hidden gem filled with all the charm of a rustic Northumberland dwelling.
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Spires of Oxford

Oxford is known as the City of Dreaming Spires, and its architectural skyline was popular enough to make it one of the few city-based views to earn a spot on the list.

Visiting the historic city of Oxford deserves luxury accommodation, and you certainly get that and more at the Oxford Spires hotel, just minutes away from all of the must-see sights.
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Durdle Door, Dorset

The natural limestone arch at Durdle Door in Dorset is reminiscent of similar structures in Greece, only you don't have to fly for hours to get to it.

Durdle Door is the kind of spot that requires a classic Inn to stay in, and the Lulworth Cove Inn fits the bill perfectly with an added sea view.
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Brecon Beacons, Wales

It's clear why the panoramic view from the summit of the Brecon Beacons in Wales earned its place.

You can experience a really special vacation experience in the Brecon Beacons by staying the Pentre Riding Stables, complete with all of the mod-cons and breakfast!
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Stanage Edge, Peak District

The Peak District in Derbyshire is a breathtaking part of the country, and the view from popular rock climbing territory, Stanage Edge was the particular pick of the bunch.

The George Hotel in Hathersage, just 1.5 miles from Stanage Edge, is the perfect choice for a comfortable trip to this stunning rural part of the United Kingdom.
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Edinburgh, from Arthur's Seat

The view of Edinburgh from 251 meters above sea level at ancient volcano Arthur’s Seat nearly made the top 10.

Something a little different here, why not try an apartment rather than an hotel room? It will make your stay in Edinburgh that bit more personal! The Old Town Apartments on Royal Mile are excellent.
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Ben Nevis, Scotland

It makes sense that Britain’s highest peak, Ben Nevis in Scotland, would make the cut.

If you’re visiting Ben Nevis then the chances are you are going to be doing some tiring tourism! Make sure you have a wonderful place to relax in your down time like the Nevis Bank Inn.
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Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond is one of Scotland's most famous bodies of water, and the view of it from Conic Hill earned it a top 10 position.

Make sure that your holiday snaps are as regal as can be by having a gorgeous stately home as your backdrop! Cameron House is an amazing hotel complete with indoor pool and onsite restaurant!
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Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim has the prestige of being Northern Ireland's only entry in the top 20, no doubt thanks to its basalt columns and extensive folklore.

A magical location like this needs an equally magical hotel experience, and the Royal Court Hotel in Portrush is one of the best regarded in the entire area.
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Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, London

The view of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben from Westminster Bridge earned London its only place on the list, and was one of the few urban views to be included.

London has a multitude of amazing accommodation options, but if you want to be as close to Big Ben as possible, then the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London will certainly suit all of your needs!
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Buttermere, Lake District

The Lake District is one of England's most beautiful areas, and it was Buttermere that came out as the favorite part in this survey.

The Scafell Hotel is a great option for people venturing in to the Lake District, full of quaint British charm but on top of its game when it comes to comfort!
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Loch Ness, Scotland

Even without the presence of the Loch Ness Monster, Loch Ness itself (specifically the view of it from Dores) was impressive enough to make the top 10.

Searching for Nessie can be a tiring game, so why not splash out on an apartment of your very own to enjoy your stay at your own pace and on your own terms? Check out Talisker at The Highland Club.
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Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

Britain’s biggest gorge, Cheddar Gorge is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so it's understandable that it made the top 5.

The Bath Arms Hotel provides a touch of luxury right next to the world-famous Cheddar Gorge caves. You can have historic fun all day and then come back to a pristine relaxation spot.
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St Ives Bay, Cornwall

One of the few coastal views on the list, St Ives Bay in Cornwall was admired by many in the survey.

There is no doubt that St Ives boasts some of the most natural beauty anywhere in the UK, and such a location deserves an equally stunning hotel experience like the Tregenna Castle Resort.
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Stonehenge, Wiltshire

Stonehenge in Wiltshire is one of the best known prehistoric monuments in the world.

Stonehenge is a relatively remote sight, but one of the nearest and most beloved accommodations nearby is definitely the Milford Hall Hotel & Spa. We all love a good spa now and then!
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Scottish Highlands

Of all the beautiful spots in the Scottish Highlands, the view of Three Sisters mountains in Glencoe Valley was the favorite.

You’re in the Scottish Highlands, so you may as well go the whole hog and stay in a castle! Live out your repressed Disney Princess dreams by spending some time at the Glengarry Castle Hotel in Invergarry.
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Snowdonia, Wales

The number one spot went to the view of Llyn Llydaw from Mount Snowdon summit in Wales.

When it comes to picturesque British beauty, the stunning landscapes of Snowdonia really are unrivalled, and some like the Aberdunant Hall Country Hotel only adds to that feeling of incomparable beauty.
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