20 Jaw-Dropping 😱 Sights to See 👁👁 in Britain 🇬🇧 for Girls Planning a Trip across the Pond 🎣 ...

I love my homeland. Britain may be a small country but it is beautiful and I never tire of its gorgeous views. Many Brits feel exactly the same way. Samsung undertook a survey of more than 2,500 people who chose their favorite view and compiled the results. Popsugar.co.uk very kindly shared the results. Here are the 20 best views in Britain. I hope it makes you want to come pay a visit.

1. Kings College, Cambridge

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The University buildings at Cambridge are stunning, but it was Kings College that made it into the top 20, and specifically the view of it from the River Cam.

Cambridge is a relatively small town that can be easily explored from any base, but we particularly love the Tamburlaine Hotel on Station Road.
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