8 Most Amazing Places to Visit in Britain ...


8 Most Amazing Places to Visit in Britain ...
8 Most Amazing Places to Visit in Britain ...

If you are looking for places of spectacular beauty in the UK and need some help finding them, there definitely are 8 most amazing places to visit in Britain just waiting to be discovered. Britain is a land of eccentricities and afternoon tea, where you can sit in a local pub and meet people who have some wonderful stories to tell. It is a country where giants once trod and where the Romans left great roads and buildings, many of which still stand today. If you are looking for visual delights in Britain, they really are not that hard to find. Below is a list of 8 Most Amazing Places to Visit in Britain which are bound to inspire you:

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Land’s End

This aptly named part of England sits right down on the South West tip of this great British Isle. This is truly an amazing place where you find yourself on the doorstep to Britain, where you will find the First and Last House in the country and take a photo of your friends standing next to the very famous Land’s End signpost. The weather in the summer is spectacular and the landscapes a dream with a coastline that is so typically British. Many travelers have started a journey from this stunning location to wend their way northwards to the far north of Scotland, to a place called John O’Groats.



The village of Portmeirion has to be seen and visited to be believed and with a quarter of a million people coming to this exquisite area of Wales every year, it is hardly surprising that it is considered to be one of the most mystical places to visit in Britain. This very strange “film set-esque” is worthy of a fairytale. Set in seventy acres of exotic woodlands, visitors can walk the trails for miles and miles. The coastal walks offer spectacular views both seaward and inland.


Alnwick Castle

This glorious medieval castle deep in the Northumberland countryside is an incredible place to visit. Most people who come here have a déjà vu feeling when they first see the grand structure in front of them and the reason for this is that some scenes from the movie, Harry Potter were filmed here. The history behind the turreted walls of the castle is of intrigue and drama from ancient times. Today this proud castle is very much alive and is a thriving estate which just has to be on any itinerary in the North country.


Giant's Causeway

This is truly one of the most awe-inspiring places to visit in Britain. It is a World Heritage Site that will make you stand up and applaud the power of nature. The hexagonal columns of basalt defy belief until you see them for real. The area is renowned for myths and legends of giants who trod here long ago. The landscapes and coastline are absolutely out of this world with hidden coves and bays which are almost inaccessible. On close inspection visitors often spy ruins of a life lived here by folk who have long gone. If you are in County Antrim you have to go and see this wondrous place.


Lake District

The Lake District in Cumbria is one of the most serene places you will ever have the fortune of visiting in Britain. There is so much to do and see in the area, and the area itself is of outstanding beauty. Lake Windermere, the mountains and Bassenthwaite Lake are just waiting to be discovered and explored.


Lulworth Cove

If you are looking for a place which just seems to be too perfect to be true, then Lulworth Cove rates as one of the very best scenic places to visit in Britain. Ten of thousands of years ago the sheer powers of the sea with the river formed this perfect horse shoe shaped cove. The extraordinary thing is that this is still being shaped by nature today. This exquisitely sheltered cove is a pure wonder to behold with its pebble beach which leads you along to wonderfully named areas like Fossil Forest or Mupe Bay.


Tresco Abbey Gardens

For one of the greenest places to visit in Britain, the Tresco Abbey Gardens in the Scilly Isles has to rank very high on the list. The gardens are just bursting with sub-tropical plants with over 300 of them in flower during the winter months. There are plants from all over the world happily growing just 30 miles off the Cornish mainland.


Brighton Pavilion

If you are looking for a fairy tale palace you will find it here in Britain. Brighton Pavilion in Hove, is an extravagantly extraordinary pleasure palace. It is a fantastical place that was built for a king in an exotic and oriental style which stands today as a testament to the true creativity of times long past, and for the cynics, the folly and foibles of royalty.

For such a little island, there are more wondrous places to visit in Britain that you could ever imagine. It may lack the sheer size of geographical features of other lands but the variety you can see in such a small area more than makes up for it. From iconic metropolises London and Edinburgh to the tiniest hamlets tucked in rolling green hills, from Roman forts, Norman castles and Elizabethan mansions to eco-houses and pickle shaped office blocks, the kaleidoscopic variety of places to visit in Britain will satisfy any tourist appetite.

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county antrim is not in BRITAIN!

Hi Anonymous. Thanks for pointing that out. Great Britain means England, Scotland and Wales. With the addition of Northern Ireland, it becomes the United Kingdom. To give it the full name it is actually, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Although it may not be actually strictly true to the definition, it is not uncommon to not differentiate between the terms UK and Britain and it is surprising how many people here probably actually wouldn't know the difference and how often the two terms, albeit incorrectly, are used interchangeably. I stand corrected on a point of principle and if the editing staff would prefer to change the article title to Most amazing places in the UK, I of course have no objection.

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