Cool Reasons to Visit the Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia ...


Cool Reasons to Visit the Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia ...
Cool Reasons to Visit the Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia ...

Have you ever been to Philadelphia? There are some great reasons to visit Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia. It's not really a fountain though, Located on Market Street in the Old City of Philly, there is an old-style ice cream shop called the Franklin Fountain. It is open all year round and is one of the coolest spots in the city. (I know the pun was cheesy but it just felt right). It is so popular that it even made an appearance on the show "Man vs. Food" back in 2010. The best time to go is right at 12 pm, which is when the shop opens. Have a cheat day and get ice cream for lunch because if you wait until after lunch like everyone else, you will be waiting in a long line that goes down the street. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced the long line and got my ice cream right away. So what are the reasons to visit Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia?

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Old-time Feel

glass bottle, mason jar, bottle, The parlor is like going back to a time when there were soda jerks and wooden cash registers. The servers wear bow-ties, funny hats, or have slicked-back hair as they treat you with handmade ice cream. That old-time feel is one of the best reasons to visit Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia.


Only the Best Ingredients

ice cream, pink, gelato, ice cream cone, dairy product, The shop only makes their ice cream with pure ingredients. It is as organic as you can get with ice cream outside of your home. If you needed another reason to indulge in a sweet, creamy treat, that should be enough for you, right?


There Are Other Treats Too

sundae, dessert, ice cream, sundae, frozen dessert, Not only does Franklin Fountain serve ice cream, but they sell vintage candy that will make your parents feel like children again and a wide variety of sodas. Their signature item is the Mt. Vesuvius Sundae, which consists of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, chunks of chocolate brownies, hot fudge, malt powder, and whipped cream. Sounds so amazing!


What to Order

ice cream, ice cream cone, dondurma, dairy product, dessert, Personally, when I get the chance to go, I order a cup with two scoops of ice cream - hydrox and chocolate. Hydrox is cookies n’ cream. As a heads up, if you are ordering a simple cup or cone, one scoop is quite large. I ordered three scoops one time and I nearly died from all the sugar. Trust me, you will love this place.

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