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7 Reasons to Visit the UK Other than London ...

By Alison

You may have visited London in the past, or plan to do so at some point. But there's a lot more to the UK than its capital city. On your next visit, venture outside London to some other parts of the island. In spite of its rainy and often dull climate, there are plenty of good reasons to visit the UK. Here are just some of them …

1 History

If it's history you want, the UK is full of it. There are plenty of visible signs of the past, with everything from prehistoric settlements to Roman relics. You can see medieval buildings, city walls, countless cathedrals, and artifacts in museums. If you think that the US is just too 'new' to have history, head to the UK - you'll find plenty to keep you happy.

2 Countryside

The UK also has some stunning countryside if you prefer more rural sights, or want to get away from the city for a while. The Scottish Highlands are incredible, and it's well worth flying up there and renting a car to tour around. You should also see the national parks such as the Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorks Moors.

3 Cities & Towns

There are also cities and towns to suit every taste in the UK. If you love the shopping and excitement of the city, head to Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester or Newcastle. Or you could visit pretty market towns like Ross-On-Wye, or Dorchester if you're a Thomas Hardy fan. In fact, there are many towns that you'll recognise from movies or TV series.

4 Mild Climate

The UK is also ideal if you don't much care for hot climates. It's famous for its cooler temperatures and grey skies! While you can get some very pleasant weather, it rarely goes above 80F (just be sure to avoid the colder months, when it can snow quite a lot!). Spring and early fall can be very pleasant.

5 Beer

Brits are probably fonder of beer than wine, since our climate is better made for growing hops than grapes! If you're a fan of beer, head to the UK and check out some of the many different brews on offer. You can even find artisan breweries and beer festivals.

6 Customs

Many towns and villages proudly preserve their own customs that you can witness on holidays and at festivals. One of the strangest is cheese rolling, as seen in this video

But it's these quaint, funny customs that bring local character to different parts of the UK.

7 More to It than London

London is an amazing city, with world-class museums, and it's certainly worth visiting. But don't forget that there is so much more to the UK than London. As well as the rest of England, there's Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, plus many islands. So get out there and discover the rest of the UK!

I might not live in the UK any more, but I'm proud of its history and what it has to offer visitors. So see for yourself how much there is to it, and don't just stick to London. Get the train elsewhere, or hire a car. You'll love the architecture, scenery and shopping of the rest of the UK. What are your top five countries that you want to visit?

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