10 Must-Visit Places in England ...


Must-Visit Places in England are many and all of them are lovely. But then, I’m a true Brit and England is my heart, so I have quite a bit to say about must-visit places in England. I’m terribly proud of my quirky little country with our rich heritage and cultural history and our funny habits. We might not be the global power we once were but everywhere in the world you will find reminders of the wide ranging influence we’ve had. Today England is hugely cosmopolitan and you are now just as likely to want to visit a mosque as a cathedral. To me, however, England will always be the land of cricket, tea, fish and chips, the Queen and putting the u in the correct spelling of words like color! If you ever get to visit us we’ll extend you a warm welcome and recommend the following to you. So please join me and take a look at some must-visit places in England.

1. Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

Here's one must-visit place in England. It’s certainly no Grand Canyon but it is a spectacular natural valley set with caves, all of which have loads of stalagmite and stalactite growth. Oh and don’t forget the cheese shops.

Tate Gallery, St. Ives Cornwall
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