10 Must-Visit Places in England ...


10 Must-Visit Places in England ...
10 Must-Visit Places in England ...

Must-Visit Places in England are many and all of them are lovely. But then, I’m a true Brit and England is my heart, so I have quite a bit to say about must-visit places in England. I’m terribly proud of my quirky little country with our rich heritage and cultural history and our funny habits. We might not be the global power we once were but everywhere in the world you will find reminders of the wide ranging influence we’ve had. Today England is hugely cosmopolitan and you are now just as likely to want to visit a mosque as a cathedral. To me, however, England will always be the land of cricket, tea, fish and chips, the Queen and putting the u in the correct spelling of words like color! If you ever get to visit us we’ll extend you a warm welcome and recommend the following to you. So please join me and take a look at some must-visit places in England.

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Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

Here's one must-visit place in England. It’s certainly no Grand Canyon but it is a spectacular natural valley set with caves, all of which have loads of stalagmite and stalactite growth. Oh and don’t forget the cheese shops.


Tate Gallery, St. Ives Cornwall

Forget the main Tate in London and head for the offshoot in a picturesque Cornish fishing village. Not only will you be away from the London crowds but you’ll be just a few miles from Land’s End. All the beautiful beaches of Cornwall are on your doorstep. What could be lovelier?


Tatton Park, Cheshire

This must-visit place in England is a medieval manor and estate complete with 2000 acre deer park. The gardens are fully landscaped and there’s a popular annual flower show. It's definitely a must-see location.


Symonds Yat, Gloucestershire

One of the prettiest places in the country but definitely for the summer visit because it needs to be seen when green. It’s a tiny village in a deep gorge on the river Wye, which has rapids and fast flowing waters overhung by ancient trees. There’s also an elevated vantage point – Symonds Rock.


Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

This is definitely a must-visit place in England, especially for fans of a certain popular series. It's a sprawling in-tact Norman castle built right on the sea shore. It also happens to be used as the filming location for Hogwarts, the Harry Potter school.


The Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

Birmingham is one of 4 towns in England to have their own hallmark. Visit here for bespoke jewellery or just to be goggle eyed at the gold and diamonds on display. Afterwards take a stroll along the canal at Broad Street, an area that has undergone massive regeneration and is now full of trendy coffee shops and bars.


The Trafford Centre, Manchester

One of England’s largest malls, here you can have the best retail therapy outside of London, including a branch of Selfridges. It might be full of modern shops but it’s built in the late baroque/rococo style. It’s also home to Europe’s largest food court – The Orient. If only for that reason, it's certainly a must-visit place in England!


Model Village, Bourton on the Water

Many Americans head to the Cotswolds for antique hunting but Bourton has a unique village within a village. There is a full scaled miniature replica of the village itself. Bourton is chocolate box beautiful. Cross the very shallow stream using the multiple stone bridges to ye olde worlde tea shoppe for a cream tea before heading off to the Birdland Park which was home to Batman’s penguins and now also houses a butterfly farm. Oh and there’s also a model railway for the boys.


Great Yarmouth

You’ll never know what a quintessential English seaside town is until you visit one and Great Yarmouth on the east coast is one of the best examples. Yes, you will see donkeys on the beach, old people in deckchairs on the prom, stalls selling little pots of prawns and whelks with wooden forks, people getting changed behind a towel on the beach and cotton candy all against a backdrop of loads of amusement arcades (slot machines). You can't argue that it's a must-visit place in England!


The Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Here you can see over 4.5 million objects relating to decorative arts and design. Many of the exhibits relate to everyday lives past and present and are a fascinating journey from antiquity to contemporary. It's a must for anyone who enjoys art.

Forget the big tourist draws and discover the true must-visit places in England. To me, they're what home is all about, and it's such a joy to share them. For a unique experience, you've got to see these must-visit places in England when you pay a visit to Britain. If anyone thinks I’ve missed something off the list be sure to point it out. After all, the main must-visit places in England are bound to be different for everyone. Where in Britain do you like to go?

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I love to visit England.The culture, the environment,the economy are all fantastic. Peaceful place that could really relax your mind and body. The people there are nice even if I didn't go there yet. I just got it this idea from my brit friend who went here in our country. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

Sorry to pick fault but i would hate people to trek a long way to Northumberland to visit a castle on the sea shore and go to Alnwick. Alnwick Castle is a few miles inland. To visit the famous castle on the sea shore follow signs to Bamburgh Castle which is set amongst sand dunes and is more spectacular because of that. It is about a half an hour by car between the two sites.

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