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Kite Festivals You've Got to Check out around the World ...

By Larry

Kite festivals are celebrated in different parts of the world in different seasons every year across the globe. These festivals are celebrated as a sign of culture. Attending one of these festivals gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to see huge kites unlike any other. The kite flying festival is normally carried out based on the weather, and in some countries, the kite festivals are celebrated as a type of thanks giving for the ancient gods.

Kite festivals also include other celebrations. Like at the end of the day people use fireworks and enjoy their night. People buy sparklers online and use them the night of the festival. Let us see some of the famous international kite festivals celebrated around the world:

1 Gujarat Kite Festival

This is a famous kite festival in India. This festival is also known as Uttarayan kite festival. According to the Hindu astronomy this means the end of the winter and the start of summer season. Every year this festival is celebrated with greatest zest and zeal in Gujarat. This is an international kite festival and this festival is hosted in the western states of India every year to commemorate the celebrations of Makar Snakranti. Not only in Gujarat, but this festival is celebrated in some other cities of India like Surat, Rajkot, Aravalli etc

2 Bali, Indonesia

This festival is an integral part of the Indonesian culture. This festival includes large and interesting kites that are seen outside Bali. The people in the village combine together and provide a special kite festival.

3 Cervia, Italy

This festival of Italy includes sky art kites. In this festival, the artist flew their kites on the sky and enjoys the wind and the sun. This festival has the combination of great show kites and kite artists around the country.

4 Dieppe, France

This is one of the best kite festivals of the world. This festival reveals kites and its fliers from different parts of the world. Kite fliers from different parts of the world visit the town Dieppe and flying their kites in the festival.

5 Hamamatsu, Japan

This festival involves a number of kites that are launched and retrieved. In this festival, greater kites are flown up with the giant floats through the city and after that, parties are held at the night with the kite teams.

6 Wildwood, New Jersey

This kite festival showcases the larger kites and kite fliers. There is strong wind during this festival which is a challenge for flying the kite which is held in the Jersey beach. This kite festival is perfect for greater kite fliers around the world.

7 Sumpango, Guatemala

This festival involves flying of giant kites each comes with a political statement. People believe that the kites are the vehicles of ancestors to return to families and they celebrate this festival as a remembrance of this. In this festival, giant kites are flying on the sky by a number of kite fliers around the city.

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