7 Fantastic Cities to Visit for Your Next Road Trip if You Love Food ...


7 Fantastic Cities to Visit for Your Next Road Trip if You Love Food ...
7 Fantastic Cities to Visit for Your Next Road Trip if You Love Food ...

Before you go on a road trip this year, take a moment to jot down some of the top cities to visit if you love food first! Who doesn’t love food, and good cultural food at that? There’s nothing like tasting a dish from somewhere you’ve never been and finding a new favorite to love. Most all cities have something unique to offer when it comes to good grub, but some have a step above the rest. These 7 stops are some of the most popular cities to visit if you love food in the whole country. Check them out on your next road trip and be prepared to come hungry because you’ll be eating a lot on your trip!

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Charleston One of my top recommendations for cities to visit if you love food is one right from my home state: Charleston, SC. Let me just tell you, there’s nothing like food from Charleston; I promise! It is so amazing! You’ll find everything from fresh raw vegetables to country prepared vegetables, to shrimp and grits or fresh lobster, to sweet truffles and baked cakes and even homemade ice cream! Charleston has a little bit of all the South’s best flavors, with fresh seafood being one of my favorites! Charleston is also such a beautiful historic city, so most of the time, wherever you eat, you’re sure to have amazing scenery on the waterfront to go along with your favorite food!


New York

New York Oh my! New York is so overwhelmingly amazing when it comes to everything, and the food is a whole other story in itself! While you will find typical McDonald's and Starbucks on nearly every corner of New York City, you’ll also find unique sushi restaurants, fantastic steakhouses, unique pubs for those of you who like a few cocktails and spirits, and my favorite spots are all of the fresh, raw and vegan restaurants, markets and grocers on every single corner. You can eat so healthy in New York and get a taste of all the amazing cultural cuisine around too. If you’re more into standard American food, they’ve got you covered with the original Nathan’s hot dog restaurant, a Peanut Butter and Jelly Co. restaurant, Chobani restaurant, Oatmeal restaurant, and tons of great food stands with hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, and of course, coffee on every single corner. Then, you’ve got all the great Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Korean foods in areas like Chinatown and other areas in Manhattan. There’s just something for everyone in New York, but are you really surprised? In my opinion, it’s the most fabulous place on Earth!



Memphis If you’re heading south, Tennessee should be a top stop for you if you want a couple of amazing foodie hotspots. The first being Memphis, with many different homemade barbecue restaurants, homemade fried chicken restaurants, and plenty of backyard pubs to visit. They also offer homemade low country vegetables and all the hearty southern foods you come to think of when you think about the South. Eggs, bacon, grits, you name it and Memphis has it!



Nashville Another top stop in Tennessee you just must visit is Music City, or Nashville! Nashville has a bit of all the top southern dishes as well. Chicken, barbecue, ribs, whatever you want, they’ve got it! Just be prepared to be hungry while you’re here because you’ll be eating well! Nashville is also filled with famous bars and pubs for anyone that likes the nightlife, and for the daylight hours, there are plenty of ice cream and hamburger joints to hit up while you’re touring all the amazing scenery.


New Orleans

New Orleans New Orleans is a top spot for foodies. You’ll find the best shrimp in the whole country, lots of spicy foods like beans and rice, and sweet fried desserts, which are a favorite in this area. I have to admit, you probably shouldn’t go to this city if you’re looking for super healthy food, but New Orleans does have plenty of amazing vegetarian restaurants and dishes too, so you won’t miss out! The great thing is, this area takes pride in growing most of their own foods and cooking it all homemade, so you’ll never have to worry about fast food in New Orleans!


San Francisco

San Francisco Nothing beats fresh food like San Francisco! California is one of the best places to eat if you want fresh, raw and amazingly delicious food. They are known for their markets, produce stands, and healthy restaurants featuring sushi, seafood, and tons of local juice bars. You’ll also find more vegan and vegetarian restaurants here. San Francisco also has a sweet tooth! Popular ice cream chains, frozen yogurt chains and bakeries are also located here, so you won’t miss out on any treats while you’re here! If you’re a meat eater, trust me, you’re covered here too. This foodie city has just about anything you could want when it comes to food, along with beautiful beach scenery to keep you entertained.



Houston Houston, Texas has always been one of the most popular foodie cities of all to visit. It is like Tennessee in the fact that it has popular Southern dishes, yet here in Texas, you’ll find a little less gourmet and a lot more home style foods. Ribs, chicken and steak make up a huge part of this area’s diet, plus lots of corn, fried foods and home style desserts. There are lots of popular vegetable dishes here too, like home style vegetables and plenty of southwestern foods like salsa and spicy hot sauce dishes. Black beans, corn and avocado are also popular in Texas, and Eva Longoria even opened her own Mexican restaurant in Houston several years ago.

Are you taking a foodie road trip this year? Be sure you stop at a few of these hotspots while you’re on your trip. Chances are, they might just give you a reason to take foodie trips more often! Have you ever been on a foodie road trip?

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Chicago is a fantastic place to get food! Deep dish pizza, Chicago style got dogs and so much more! My mouth is watering! ROAD TRIP!!!

Houston sounds a lot like South Georgia. Everything here is deep fried too!!

Totally onboard with Charleston, amazing amazing amazing!!

This list was awful! Houston, really?!? And no Chicago?!?!

How'd you forget Chicago!!! Especially during the summer when they have The Taste of Chicago! There is an array of food that will completely leave the taste buds satisfied!

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