7 Things You Will Love about a Vacation in the Deep South ...


A vacation in the deep south is a wonderful experience. This past summer, my family and I traveled across the deep south and it was one of our favorite vacations ever. There are many great things to enjoy about this area of the country. If you don’t know where to go for your next vacation, consider a vacation in the deep south.

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Southern Hospitality is Alive and Well

One of the best things about a vacation in the deep south is discovering southern hospitality is alive and well. Although there are some exceptions, for the most part, people in the deep south cannot be kind or friendly enough. We absolutely marveled at how people would go out of their way to be helpful there. It certainly makes this area of the country a pleasure to visit. People are very welcoming to you when you visit the deep south.


The People Are Wonderful

Going beyond hospitality, the people in the deep south are truly wonderful people. Of course there are some that don’t fall into that classification, but most of them do. Southern hospitality is simply an overflow of the kind, caring and friendly people that southerners are. It is easy to feel very at home in the deep south because of this. You may even feel like you could move there with a very easy transition.


It’s a Totally Different World

As you get into the deep south, you get the feeling that you are in a different world. You can feel this way in different parts of the south but I think it is especially true in Louisiana. The landscape is immediately different after you cross the state line. Gone are county signs and parish signs begin to appear. It is enjoyable to feel like you are taking in a whole new world.


There Are Slushes Everywhere

You know what slushes are, right? Slushes, icees, slush puppies, snow cones, whatever you would like to call them, they are everywhere in the south. When I first noticed this, I was puzzled at why this was. But then I realized that it is very hot in the south, so of course icy drinks are going to sell like hotcakes. And what’s not to love about finding this treat everywhere?


It’s Beautiful There

Our country is beautiful no matter what area you live in. But there is a very unique kind of beauty in the deep south. You have red clay dirt and dense forests of pine trees. The sky stretches on for miles in parts of the south. It is a beautiful sight to see.


The Accents Are Lovely

The accents of the south are lovely. There is something very pleasing about listening to people drawl out their words. It gives you a very relaxed, down home feel. Accents are always interesting and that holds true for the deep south. They vary a bit between the southern states but are lovely in each one.


The Local Cuisine

One of the best parts of traveling is enjoying the local cuisine wherever you go. This certainly holds true in the deep south. Foods are very different there. You get into Cajun country and may even find yourself enjoying a crawfish boil. You also have the influence of Tex-Mex cuisine as well as some creole cooking.

The deep south has a lot to enjoy in the way of vacations. Have you ever vacationed in this area? Is it somewhere you would like to go?

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Even though it annoyed me how many times "Deep South" was used .... I agree. Louisiana is the best place in the whole wide world 💜💛

I'm from the South, you just can't beat it!

Totally true! I'm from Canada and spent a week in New Orleans and everything is this article is spot on! Had just an amazing time!

I live in mississippi, and by the way, we aren't as dumb as you think.

I'm from South Georgia and my room mate is from the outskirts of Atlanta. When I took her to my hometown for the rival football game we saw a tractor riding through the middle of town and she said "what is that?!" And I told her it was a tractor. She could not believe that people actually drove tractors in towns. My whole county has around 20k people so it was like a culture shock for her! If you want to experience the true south, get off the interstate and take some back roads if you're just passing through!

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