9 Scintillating Beaches of Scotland That Will Surprise You with Their Beauty ...

The beaches of Scotland are not immediately what come to mind when you think of the main attractions. Let me assure you than the beaches of Scotland are something else. They are wild, rugged and stunningly beautiful, both those on the mainland and the multiple islands. Even more wonderful is that because Scotland is not thought of as a seaside destination, its beaches are rarely crowded.

1. Luskentyre on the Isle of Harris

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Named as one of the top 25 beaches in the UK and as one of the six finest beaches of Scotland by travel site Tripadvisor, Luskentyre on the lovely Isle of Harris is certainly a show-stopper with its white sandy coves and hazy blue horizons. With waters as crystal clear and blue as dark sapphires and sand so fine it tickles the toes, Luskentyre is a great place to come at any time of the year.

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