8 Wonderful Vacation Activities for Travelers Who Love Animals ...


Wildlife adventures on vacation are no longer restricted to safaris in Africa. All over the world, there are wonderful wildlife adventures that are accessible and exciting. Some are merely options to view animals in their natural habitats, others are real get down and dirty, helping out with the care of exotic creatures and endangered species. Here are some wonderful wildlife vacations:

1. Dog Sledding in Lapland

Churning up the snow with your sleigh speeding across an expanse of white countryside, the only sounds heard are the movement of the sleigh on the snow and the panting of the husky dogs pulling it along. Wildlife vacations are exciting and exhilarating. Although your ears tingle and your nose freezes from the biting cold, you would not want to miss this memorable trip of dog sledding in Lapland. A wildlife vacation spying wild moose and inquisitive reindeer while rushing through a stunning snowbound landscape in a dog sleigh pulled by twelve pampered huskies is invigorating. Many of the sledding companies encourage visitors to visit the husky kennels and play with friendly pups.

Exploring Kandalama in Sri Lanka
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