8 Amazing Places to See in Australia ...


8 Amazing Places to See in Australia ...
8 Amazing Places to See in Australia ...

Australia is hands down most beautiful place that I’ve ever been. It has more to offer and a much more laid back feel than anywhere I’ve ever been in the states. In place it almost feels like God landscaped the big island to be the most gorgeous place on Earth. Here are eight musts if you ever make it to the land down under. Notice that vegemite is not on this list.

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The Wildlife

Australia has the craziest wildlife on the planet from the forty some-odd types of wallaby to the duck billed platypus to the ever-elusive Cassowary. No visit to Australia is complete with at least a Kangaroo siting, which is the easiest out of the bunch to spot, but you can bet if you travel enough out in the country you’ll see a whole lot that you won’t find back here.


The Outback

I love the desert, and Australia’s might not be quite as beautiful as ours, but it definitely has its share of sights. Take a guided tour and save yourself the hassle, but be ready for long car rides. It has plenty of amazing sites to offer, but they are all around twelve hours apart.


The View Atop the Sydney Barbour Bridge

It’s a little pricey at around $200 Australian so a lot of backpackers skip this, but I have to recommend it very highly. You scale the bridge via the catwalks all the way up to the crow’s nest at the tip top as you look out across the harbor, opera house, and the city of Sydney. It gets windy up there, but it’s a view of a lifetime so don’t pass this up.


The Grampians

This is a beautiful set of mountains just west of Melbourne. They boast beautiful lakes, amazing vista, and more wild life than you can shake a boomerang at.


Blue Mountains

This set of mountains just west of Sydney gets its name from the blue haze that seems to sit forever over the mountains. Hike down into the rainforest and enjoy some of the views or relax in one of the small town peppered throughout. I recommend staying a few nights in Katoomba. That was far and away the most picture perfect town I have ever been to.

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Sydney Opera House

The world famous opera house! I wouldn’t suggest seeing an opera there unless you just like that sort of punishment, but absolutely make a trip down to get your picture made with it. It’s so much bigger than it seems in pictures.


Bay of Fire, Tasmania

Tasmania is the most gorgeous place that I have seen on Earth, and until I make it to New Zealand, I’ll bet it stays that way. Everything in Tasmania just looks like it’s in high definition. I know how that sounds, but the colors really are brighter and the views really are sharper. It’s also not a super populated place so the atmosphere is so laid back and that says a lot since the main land is already ten times more laid back than anywhere in the states.


Great Barrier Reef

Hop aboard one of the daily tours from Cairns and see the reef. It’s the one site that you CANNOT miss if you go to Australia. I recommend scuba diving to get an up close view of the reef and the wildlife living around it. It’s ridiculously colorful and the best part is all of the fish of every size that will run all around you. It really is one of the coolest experiences on Earth.

If you’re ever lucky enough to take a trip to the land down under, here’s your own personal check list to guarantee yourself a good time. Anything sound particularly amazing to you?

Top Photo Credit: Sir Francis Canker Jones

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