7 Exotic Destinations for Sexy Couples to Find That Special We Time ...


7 Exotic Destinations for Sexy Couples to Find That Special We Time ...
7 Exotic Destinations for Sexy Couples to Find That Special We Time ...

Many sexy couples dream of exotic destinations where the prime focus is on themselves and a glorious setting to simply enjoy each other. Unfortunately for most, the opportunity may only present itself at honeymoon time. That doesn’t stop us losing ourselves in daydreams of palm fringed beaches where the only footprints are your own, and halcyon days and nights when only the pleasure principle matters. Take a look at these choice exotic destinations and be whisked away on a fantasy to brighten any day.

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St Maarten/St. Martin

St Maarten/St. Martin The Caribbean has plenty of exotic destinations, including a good number of couples-only resorts. If, however, what you yearn for is not the couple package deal but somewhere with secluded beaches, spas, outdoor activities and romantic restaurants, St. Martin/St Maarten is an excellent choice. The island has two names because the island is shared by the French and Dutch and the culture of both is very evident – French to the north, Dutch to the South. The white sand beaches are sublime, the diving and snorkeling top-notch and with the French connection, it's thought of as the culinary hot spot of the Caribbean.



Montreal If you can’t make it to the City of Lovers. i.e. Paris, France, then Montreal is the next best thing in North America. Montreal may not immediately strike you as one of the choice exotic destinations but with not much imagination required, you can explore the historic Old Quarter and its 19th century buildings and feel like you are in an antique European town, especially as French is the official language here. Couples can ride bikes along the canal, browse antique shops, stroll along the waterfront and enjoy fine food in intimate bistros.



Lamu The tiny island of Lamu sits off the coast of Kenya in East Africa. While most of Kenya’s coast is peppered with resorts and very well developed areas for tourists, life on Lamu is more authentic. Thought to be one of the oldest occupied islands of the African continent, Lamu is a center for Swahili and Islamic studies, and the streets of Lamu Town have a distinctive Arabian vibe. There are no cars, so if you want to get around it’s by donkey or shanks’ pony. Learn how to sail a dhow or hire a discreet boatman and enjoy the deserted golden sand beaches, explore the small town and hunt down local arts and crafts. Find a spot, kick back and enjoy some special couple time.


Togean Islands

Togean Islands The Togean Islands lie inside one of the bays of the large Indonesian island of Sulawesi, and one of the nicest exotic places for vacations in South East Asia. If you want to retreat to a secluded oceanfront cottage on a pristine beach lapped by crystal clear waters, this is the place. If you want to retreat to a gorgeous place where the only thing that matters is you, the Togean Islands are a couple’s dream. Spend your time diving, snorkeling, viewing the wildlife, island hopping, breaking for lazy sojourns swinging in a beach hammock, and at night cuddle up next to a bonfire as an impromptu beach party thrown by the few locals means the beer and fresh fish are plentiful.


Ile Royale

Ile Royale One of the most exotic destinations with an exotic history is Ile Royale. For many years (between 1852 and 1939), it was used as a French penal colony together with neighbors Ile St. Joseph and Ile Diable (Devil’s Island). The islands lie off the coast of French Guinea, in Equatorial South America. Ile Royale is the only one of the three with any tourist facilities and it is an amazing place for couples to spend time, wading through vegetation to reach the ruins. The small settlement has a picturesque harbour for pleasant meals overlooking the ocean and places to explore by day.


Fernando De Noronha

Fernando De Noronha Where in the olden days colonial powers only used gorgeous islands to dump and hold their criminals, these days we have a much greater appreciation of their delights and some former penal colonies, like the one just described in the last point, are among the best exotic destinations. Another lovely example is the secluded Brazilian archipelago of Fernando de Noronha. The islands are practically uninhabited except for a few people to service the very discreet tourist facilities and couples can look forward to spending time enjoying each other in paradise. Gorgeous beaches – some only reachable by boat – wonderful flora and fauna, great diving and as much peace and quiet as you crave.


North Captiva Island

North Captiva Island If you both dream of whiling away the hours in a gently swaying hammock, sipping cool drinks and cocktails to accompany a stunning sunset, then North Capitva Island will be your Shangri-la. Only accessible by boat or sea plane, North Captiva lies off the southwest coast of Florida. Perfect for self-absorbed couples who don’t mind getting about the island by hiking, biking or by golf buggy, there’s not much to do here other than enjoy the setting and each other, basking in the seclusion until dinner time rolls round and it’s time to feast on the freshest caught seafood.

There are amazing exotic places for vacations all over the world. Where do your daydreams take you?

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