7 TV Shows That Will Make You Want to Travel ...


7 TV Shows That Will Make You Want to Travel ...
7 TV Shows That Will Make You Want to Travel ...

If you are a TV aficionado, then you probably know that there are certain TV shows that will make you want to travel! There is something about the location where a scene is filmed that will cause you to be overcome with a wanderlust to travel there within a heartbeat. Every scene is filmed with the purpose of drawing the viewer in. This list of TV shows that will make you want to travel may also cause you to faint from all of the swooning!

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California Dreams

As a traveling enthusiast, it is only fitting that I start off this list of TV shows that will make you want to travel with "California Dreams." Set in California, the clear shots of the beaches in this show were enough to make me ache for a swim. Suddenly hit with a wave of nostalgia, I remember thinking that the atmosphere always seemed inviting, from the carefree swimmers to the majestic sand castles. I am the type of person who finds the idea of willingly going to the beach only to be greeted with nothing but heat daunting. The fact that my desire to visit California grew after seeing this show proves how convincing this television program was!


Pass the Plate

Disney's short series "Pass the Plate" was a excellent way of incorporating cultural diversity into the media. Debuting in 2007, most of the segments focused on different types of food and how the preparation of these ingredients varied by country. I was disappointed to hear this series ended its run in 2010 because I liked that people from different countries and cultures hosted the segments. I thought this was a great way to educate the viewers on pursuing a healthy lifestyle while being open minded. As a Disney fanatic, I've never been more proud to see how Disney manage to connect healthy living with cultural acceptance.


Parade's End

BBC's series "Parade's End" is an adaptation that is based on the novels by Ford Madox Ford. The main bonus of this series is the fact that it stars brilliant actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Rebecca Hall and Adelaide Clemens. This highly addicting story of a love triangle is mainly set in Rouen, France during World War I. Whenever I watch the scenes featuring Cumberbatch fighting in the trench lines, I always end up being sad over what life was like during that time. It's amazing how people have persevered since then. I would love to travel to Europe to see the different ways homage was paid to all of the fallen soldiers and civilians of the wars.


New York

Because I live in New York, I always find it intriguing how each city is portrayed in television shows. It doesn't matter if you are following the lives of social elitists in "Gossip Girl" or watching the fashionable Emily Thorne (played by Emily VanCamp) take down her enemies in "Revenge," the point is that the location of New York provides for a world of possibilities. I've always wanted to go on an adventure Upstate to see how the rural life compares to the fast-paced life of New York City. I love the fact that the TV show "Girls" films on location in different parts of Brooklyn, my hometown. It's great to live in a city that is filled with cultural diversity.



"Scandal" is surely one of the most intricate shows of the year. Olivia Pope is a great representation for women everywhere in the sense that she is independent, confident, and unflinching in her resolve to discover the truth. Debuting in 2012, this show has placed a twist on the general perception of life in Washington, D.C. It was interesting to note how creator Shonda Rimes was able to blend fiction with a dose of reality. Olivia Pope and her crisis management firm always manage to keep life interesting. You may find yourself wanting to visit Washington, D.C. after taking a peek at this show!


Once upon a Time

Although unrealistic, I can't be the only person who imagines how living in a fairytale would be! Every single scene is infused with a layer of beauty that is breath-taking; no detail in this show is left unfinished. The cinematography is very effective in both gaining and keeping the interest of the viewer. Storybrooke is the city of dreams and hope; there are no two motifs that are more honest and pure than those. It is possible that traveling to Maine will lead you to find magic of your own!



At the risk of sounding redundant, my status as an anglophile was further cemented while watching BBC's "Sherlock." As an English major, I've always found myself drawn to English history and literature. That being said, the original "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" book series caused me to fall in love with detective fiction. There is something incredibly intriguing about reading different cases and using cognitive thinking skills to figure out how they will pan out. I love how this same process is displayed in "Sherlock" in a modern manner. Furthermore, England's architectural beauty is unmistakable; one look at the Buckingham Palace is all it takes to prove this point!

The motto of the day is that there is always a good excuse to travel! The best part about watching a TV show that takes place in a setting different from your own is when the actors adapt a specific accent or dialect. You can turn your trip into a fun game by comparing the accuracy of each show's setting to the actual place you are visiting! What are some places that you want to travel to after watching your favorite TV shows?

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Probably all of the shows in Travel and Living Channel!

90210 makes me want To go to la! And one tree hill makes me want to go to North Carolina!

pan am

How could you forget The Amazing Race?!?! That show, makes me want to pack a backpack, grab my passport and go!

Bizarre Foods

Sex and the city! one of the reasons I want to visit the big apple NYC

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