8 Truly Amazing Places in Australia ...

There are some truly amazing places in Australia. Whether you visit Australia for holiday or you are searching for an exciting backpacking experience, you will be swept away by the exquisite beauty of the Australian landscapes. There are some places in Australia that cannot be properly described by words – pictures might help, but the only way to understand their magic is seeing it with your own eyes. Most of the natural attractions in Australia are well known worldwide, but many of them still wait to be discovered by lucky visitors. Therefore, the following list suggests only some of the places to visit in Australia and can be used as the prelude to true adventure.

1. Phillip Island

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Situated along the southern Australian coast some 90 miles away from Melbourne, picturesque Phillip Island boasts around 100 square kilometers of amazing landscapes. One of the most popular attractions in Australia is the Penguin Parade that takes place in the nature park of the island. Visitors enjoy the view of the Little Penguins that tread ashore in groups. Other interesting inhabitants of Phillip Island are fur seals, cute koalas, kangaroos and a number of birds.

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