8 Truly Amazing Places in Australia ...


8 Truly Amazing Places in Australia ...
8 Truly Amazing Places in Australia ...

There are some truly amazing places in Australia. Whether you visit Australia for holiday or you are searching for an exciting backpacking experience, you will be swept away by the exquisite beauty of the Australian landscapes. There are some places in Australia that cannot be properly described by words – pictures might help, but the only way to understand their magic is seeing it with your own eyes. Most of the natural attractions in Australia are well known worldwide, but many of them still wait to be discovered by lucky visitors. Therefore, the following list suggests only some of the places to visit in Australia and can be used as the prelude to true adventure.

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Phillip Island

Phillip Island Situated along the southern Australian coast some 90 miles away from Melbourne, picturesque Phillip Island boasts around 100 square kilometers of amazing landscapes. One of the most popular attractions in Australia is the Penguin Parade that takes place in the nature park of the island. Visitors enjoy the view of the Little Penguins that tread ashore in groups. Other interesting inhabitants of Phillip Island are fur seals, cute koalas, kangaroos and a number of birds.


Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley Some of the most popular places in Australia are the wine growing regions. Hit the wine roads through the Barossa Valley and enjoy the magnificent scenery of colorful vineyards surrounded by verdant greenery and embraced by remarkable mountains. Visit traditional villages of the Valley and get acquainted with locals and with wine making as well. If you’re driving through take care of just how many wonderful wines you sample.


Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park One of the places in Australia strongly recommended to nature lovers is Kakadu National Park. The amazing diversity of landscapes includes rock cliffs, large wetlands, hills and valleys. The area is interwoven with four rivers and their estuaries, making it an ideal habitat for many animal species of birds, reptiles, mammals and numerous insects. A large number of plant species can be found in the park as well. Camping is the best way to experience nature, but if you prefer to stay away from insects, you can stay in nearby accommodation.


Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road The coastal road with the extraordinary view connects Torquay with Warrnambool in Victoria. Drive carefully, for amazing scenery all around you might take away your attention. The well-known Twelve Apostles, a magnificent string of limestone rocks that rise from the sea is among the most beautiful natural attractions in Australia. Beside the Apostles, you will pass by many other incredibly shaped rocks, the Crotto, Island Archway and the London Arch. Stop by in one of the fishing villages and have a sip of great wine. You can also enjoy a mass of sport activities along the coast.


Fraser Island

Fraser Island Due to its striking natural beauties, Fraser Island is one of the places in Australia found on UNESCO World Heritage List. Verdant rainforests, eucalyptus and mangrove trees, long white sand beaches, sand dunes, cliffs and colorful lakes are some of amazing features of the island. Green wetlands divide the island from the mainland. Nature lovers will enjoy camping on this magnificent island. However, it is advised to take caution as dingoes (wild dogs) wander freely in the area.


Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef This breathtaking reef is considered the most beautiful coral reef in the world. The recognizable Australian landmark is one of the seven world wonders of nature. This impressive title makes the Great Barrier Reef one of those places in Australia that are simply must see. Vivid underwater life around the reef is abundant and the colorful schools of fish attract divers from all over the world. Friendly dolphins, sea turtles and various mollusks are often seen in the area. You can also experience the astonishing view of the reef from a small airplane or helicopter Otherwise, you can explore the Great Barrier Reef snorkeling, diving or from a boat.


Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains If you are visiting Sydney, don't hesitate to visit the Blue Mountains, another Australian World Heritage site. Take a two-hour ride to get into this beautiful landscape that includes virgin rainforests, freshwater springs, remarkable vertical cliffs and breathtaking waterfalls. Visit charming small villages scattered all over the mountains for the striking view of the area. If you don't feel like climbing, you can take a cable car or railway to get up high.


Uluru and the Red Centre

Uluru and the Red Centre This unique gigantic red rock situated in the central deserts is one of the most recognizable global landmarks and one of the places in Australia everyone wants to see. The area is also known as the Red Centre of Australia and is part of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. This place is a very important spiritual site to the Aborigine people. Take a tour guided by one of the Aborigines and learn more of their beliefs related to this iconic rock. Sunsets are simply unforgettable here.

Some other recommended places to visit in Australia are Sydney Harbor, Cape Byron, the Whitsunday Islands, Kangaroo Island and many more. It is impossible to list them all, just as, it would be impossible for you to see them all during only one visit.

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