9 Best Cities for Vegetarian Travel ...

Vegetarian travel used to be something we associated with hippies and bohos backpacking their way through India, Thailand and South America. How #things have changed. As the #world has embraced vegetarianism as a chosen way of life, so have all the things associated with not eating meat. In the past, finding vegetarian food in many locations around the world was something of a struggle with many #people seeing vegetarianism as far from the norm but thankfully now, there are many vegetarian restaurants throughout the world with some excellent cuisine on offer so vegetarian travel is a great deal easier. Let’s take a short visit to the cities where the vegetable is king!

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand has always been a Mecca for vegetarian travel and its second largest city, Chiang Mai has a wealth of vegetarian meals. With many vegetarian and vegan eating places, this can be the perfect place for travelers to pick up a delicious vegetarian meal easily. Thailand has a vegetarian festival each year and good fortune is said to fall upon those who adhere to the rituals of the festival and the strict ten day vegetarian or vegan diet.