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If you’re already thinking about your vacation, I’ve got some of the top recommended cities to visit in 2014 to share with you. Every year, the great and good of the travel industry produce their suggestions of the best places to visit and sometimes, if we’re lucky, the same destinations may actually appear on more than one list. When this happens you know that a destination has caught the attention of more than a few people. So I have scoured more than a few of my favorite industry experts’ lists of recommendations and picked out the most popular choices. Read on for some great suggestions of cities to visit in 2014.

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Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia Looking to party in Europe without breaking the bank? Riga is one of the best cities to visit in 2014! Located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, Riga is the capital of Latvia and home to a majority of the population. Riga has been designated a European Capital of Culture this year, so in addition to the wild weekends the city is emphasizing many of its classier attractions. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers numerous museums, a variety of musical concerts and cobblestone streets.


Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow, Scotland Visit Glasgow in 2014 and be surprised! The city has geared up for the Commonwealth Games and there is something for everyone on offer. From parks, museums and historical sites to an exciting food scene and fun nightlife, this second largest city in Scotland has really come into its own. All of its regular attractions are being pimped up for the games and lots of new ones are appearing too.


Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad, Cuba This world heritage site dates back to the early 1500s and is steeped in culture and history. Explore the colonial center with its cobblestone streets, market and stunning cathedral by day. Siesta, eat and recharge because the nighttime fun starts after 11PM. Dance till your feet ache in one of the many discos playing techno or reggaeton. One is even built in a cave. The salsa and afro-Cuban music scene is rich here too! Salsa lessons are available so you won’t have to watch from the sidelines!


Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland The largest city in Switzerland is more than a home for some of the biggest and best bank accounts in the world! Zurich is rich, clean and has even been designated as having the best quality of life on the planet. If that’s not reason enough to make this one of the beautiful cities to visit in 2014, how about a chance to catch the European Athletics Championships in August? Forget the sleepy image you might assume, everything from the cuisine to the nightlife in this destination has undergone a recent transformation that has been described as downright Bacchanalian!


Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, Australia For a good time, call on Adelaide! This southern Australian city is small enough to go anywhere in 20 minutes or less, but large and vibrant enough to be the urban cool wine capital of the nation. There are numerous musical and sporting attractions and 1 million residents to enjoy them with. Explore the beaches and see the wildlife on Kangaroo Island, take a wine tour and stuff your face with the vibrant and diverse cuisine.

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Portland, USA

Portland, USA For a super cool trip to the USA, look no further than Portland, Oregon! Eat up the impressive food scene, which offers everything from farm-to-table dining to more than 600 fantastic food trucks. Drink in the specialty crafted brews from over 50 breweries and be merry with the wide variety of outdoor activities and nightlife that veers from Karaoke and upscale bowling to theatrical performances and comedy clubs. Did I mention that all of this comes without a single cent of sales tax?


Umeå, Sweden

Umeå, Sweden Is your family divided between death metal and opera enthusiasts? Satisfy everyone with a visit to Umea in 2014! This Swedish city is one of two European Cities of Culture for 2014 and has a tempting variety of events planned, including the Burning Snow opening ceremonies. There are over 50 languages spoken here, but English is used widely so there’s no need to dig out that middle school phrase book.


Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv, Ukraine This Ukrainian city has earned the designation “City of Festivals,” with something being celebrated year round. From doughnuts, to fashion, to jazz and dolls, everyone will have plenty of reasons make this one of the top cities to visit in 2014. In between festivals, explore the city center, which is a UNESCO designated world heritage site, and experience local brews from dozens of breweries. Don’t miss out in the “vivid mix of dancing, music and fun” that defines Lviv nightlife.


Marseille, France

Marseille, France This ancient port town is the second most populous in France, and has a unique cultural history which goes back 2600 years! Roam the Roman ruins. Feast on fresh seafood. Soak up the sun. Whatever reputation it had in the past has been erased with numerous improvements and refurbishments, including dazzling art galleries. This place is now an undiscovered jewel on the Mediterranean coast. Get here before the rest of the world realizes what they’re missing!

All of these are fabulous cities to visit in 2014. Wait! Rewind! All of these are fabulous cities to visit anytime. Will you be considering any of them for your vacay this year?

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Umeå if youre going to sweden visit maybe Umeå for some days but Stockholm is so beautiful! And it is the capital so you will have More things to do, Umeå may bore your after a while, I think.

Was born in Riga and now live in adelaide

St tropez

Yaaay Zürich ❤️ Better go Zürich at Summer so you can jump straight at the water! ☺️

Yay portland! I work at the theater shown in the picture. it's the Portland Center for Performing Arts :)

I just went to Adelaide in January with my boyfriend - was hot, hot! But we had a good time exploring the city and checking out the Barossa wineries

Malaysia.. A beautiful place to visit ...

Hi there just thought you might want to know that Glasgow is actually the largest city in Scotland. Most people think it is Edinburgh but that is the capital not the largest. Thanks

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